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May 17, 2011 07:48 PM

Squash Blossoms in KC?

I would like to surprise my husband with his favorite Roman antipasti ~ Fried Squash Blossoms with Mozzarella & Anchovies. Can I find squash blossoms in KC? If so, where?

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  1. Sometimes they would have them at La Tienda Casa Paloma, but different name, different owner... so I don't know now?

    1. I haven't been yet this year but I have often seen them at the City Market on Sat. & Sun.

      City Market
      20 E 5th St, Kansas City, MO 64106

      1. It's early for them here, but you will find them in the farmer's markets probably starting early June, maybe the end of this month, if we get warm weather. If you don't see them, ask a grower who's product you like. Someone may be able to fulfill a special order.

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          Yep! Made an early morning trip to the city market Saturday....AND....discovered I was a month too early. Talked to a couple different growers and think I'll be set this time in June. Still...not a wasted trip...made it home with some incredibly sweet strawberries that were fantastic with the ricotta mousse I made (not being a dessert eater or maker...this may be my go to dessert from now on).

          1. re: Mushroom

            Agreed--a trip to the city market is never wasted. Always something interesting to discover, and its fun to just wander around and take everything in. Mind sharing your ricotta mousse recipe? I too am not typically a dessert eater or maker, but I love in season strawberries and that sounds delicious.

            1. re: mdzehnder

              I don't even like strawberries that much but these were outstanding and the growers down there are so helpful. They seemed to be as disappointed as I was that there were no squash blossoms available.

              As far as the recipe serves about 4. I served in martini glasses but only because I don't have any dessert glasses (note to self: ask for dessert glasses for Birthday or Christmas).

              1/2 pound fresh ricotta (which I bought at the city market)

              4 oz mascarpone

              1/3 C. sugar (I used ultra fine baker's sugar)

              a splash of brandy (the recipe called for more but as much as I love my liquor ~ I don't like it in my desserts)

              Combine those ingredients until blended.

              Beat 1/2 C. heavy cream to stiff peaks and fold in to ricotta mixture.

              Spoon the mixture evenly between serving dishes and chill to let the flavors meld. (I did about 8+ hours).

              An hour or so before serving I mixed about a pint and a half of quartered strawberries with a Tablespoon of powdered sugar and kept refrigerated until it was time to serve.

              Right before serving I added a splash of champagne vinegar to the strawberries and topped each portion of the ricotta mousse with an even amount of strawberries.

              A garnish of mint would probably look nice on it..but I'm just not that fancy.

              1. re: Mushroom

                That sounds incredible. I sadly mostly missed strawberry season this year but this is definitely going on my rotation for next season. Thanks for sharing!

        2. I know this is late, but there were lots of squash blossoms at the City Market Farmers Market this past Saturday.

          City Market
          20 E 5th St, Kansas City, MO 64106

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          1. re: 2roadsdiverge

            Thanks for the tip! We made a trip down to the City Market this morning and found the squash blossoms! (And about 20 other items ~ we looked like Sherpas as we hauled our load back to the car.)

            City Market
            20 E 5th St, Kansas City, MO 64106