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May 17, 2011 07:19 PM

looking for recommendations near CNN center

I'm visiting Atlanta for the first time later this month. I'll be staying at the Omni at CNN Center and am looking for recommendations for good eats near my hotel as I will not have a car. I'm a woman travelling alone so I don't want to go to sketchy parts of the city. I'm already planning on ordering delivery from Daddy D'z (the Yelp reviews have convinced me it's not good to go to that neighborhood alone). I'll be at conferences all day so I am looking for dinner places.


Daddy D'z
264 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

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  1. You're in the "Luckie-Marietta" district.

    Depends what you are looking for.
    Peasant Bistro is probably the nicest near the hotel, although there are good options for pizza, german, thai, sports bars, seafood.

    If you don't mind getting in a taxi, there are lots more options nearby in midtown or on the west side.

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      Thanks! What would you recommend in midtown or west side?

      1. re: feisty

        All close by taxi:
        Ecco (midtown)
        Empire State South (midtown)
        4th and Swift (Old Fourth Ward)
        JCT Kitchen (westside)
        Abbatoir (westside)
        Miller Union and Bocado (westside)

    2. There's all sorts of stuff that's not too far by cab. Bocado, Social (really walking distance, but maybe not for a solo female at night), Sound Table, Miso Izakaya, Krog Bar, etc.

      Miso Izakaya
      619 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

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      1. re: ted

        Miso sounds great. There isn't much good Japanese food where I live. Thanks for the suggestions. Will check them out for sure.

      2. there are sveral decent spots in the Omni---Dantannas, McCormick and Smicks, and the restaurant in the Omni hotel itself--cant recall name---theres Ruth Chris at the Embassy suites, a short walk--Empire abd Ecco are far better choices if you are goin to cab it though

        40 7th Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306

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