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May 17, 2011 07:10 PM

Balut in the Tampa Bay area

Does anyone know where to find it?

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  1. i might if i knew what the heck it was.

      1. re: TampaPete

        I couldn't ever bring myself to try it either, but who knows, maybe its delicious.

          1. re: TampaPete

            I wish I had not googled it. I remember seeing Anthony Bourdain completely skeeved by it as well.

            1. re: rhnault

              i did google it, and i'm sorry i did. i can't get those awful photos out of my head. arrrrrgghhhhh

              1. re: Manderley

                You eat eggs for breakfast / lunch / and or dinner, no? Do you eat chicken and dine on Peking duck?

                1. re: Little T.

                  most folks make a point of removing bones, feet, etc. Not too many people popping a Perdue chicken down whole.

                  1. re: Little T.

                    this isn't like "sushi" vs "cooked fish", this is more "mutated fetus" vs. "yummy creamy egg yolk". I mean it's apples and (mutant) oranges haha

                    1. re: Little T.

                      this is not eggs or chicken or peking duck. this looks like something that belongs in a jar in the laboratory of a mad scientist.

              2. Man, those wikipedia pictures sure were appetizing...

                1. I know you can get them at Dong A Market at 2600 30th Ave North in St. Petersburg. They also have them at Dong A 2 Market at 8730 49th St North. I believe Cho Lon at 5944 34th St North also carries Balut, but I know I've seen them at the other two places. All of these places are in Pinellas County. I'm not familiar with the asian markets in Tampa, so I don't know which ones might carry it. I think almost every asian market in Pinellas County carries it.

                  Personally I haven't been able to get past the visuals and actually get one in my mouth, but my wife's relatives (from Laos) eat them.

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                    1. re: Old E.

                      Probably. Would be surprised if they didn't. What's the other huge asian market?

                  1. I should add . . . Preferably prepared and served at a restaurant.

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                    1. re: Little T.

                      I think I have met my match, Little T. You will have to report back about how your experiment goes. Regina's was recommended to me awhile back but I haven't been able to get over there. Being one of the few (only?) Filipino places around, it might be worth checking out.


                      1. re: CFishman

                        Yep, I have heard Regina's is pretty good.

                        I'll be sure to report back if I can bring myself to do it . . .

                        1. re: Little T.

                          Darn, I wish we didn't miss Phil-Fest 2011 in April!
                          That would have been a good get together... Regina's looks interesting too!

                          I love all the crazy stuff, but I always thought Balut is where I draw the line...

                          That's why I will do it...

                          Little T, let me know when you find some and I'll meet you there...
                          We'll suck out those fetus's's's like a couple Honey Badgers, and get it on video...

                          And then of course the ceremonial chewing of 20 pieces of Bubblicious!

                          1. re: Mild Bill

                            I'll let you know . . . There will have to be a lot of San Miguel involved :-)

                      2. re: Little T.

                        I think you might have a hard time finding them served in a restaurant. You'll probably have to buy them at a market. I've never been over to the Philippines, but my friend was over there a couple of years ago and said none of the restaurants served them. You had to buy them from the street vendors. Yes, he ate them and said they were good. I still can't bring myself to actually try one.

                        1. re: kempshark

                          For those still wondering about Balut and what it looks like see link below

                          1. re: ospreycove

                            Yeah, after reading the article. and after careful consideration------ nevermind... ;-)

                            1. re: Mild Bill

                              haha I wonder if someone would make me a balomelet?

                              1. re: askdrtodd

                                hehehehe . . . A southwestern balomelet