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Knox Henderson -- Looking for gift certificates/ideas

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  • lbs May 17, 2011 05:22 PM
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Hi - my friend and her husband will be moving to Knox Henderson at the end of June. They don't know anyone there and so we wanted to get them a gift cert to a local place as a welome to your new home gift.

We are looking to spend around $50-$100. They are in their early 30's. She is a veggie and he will eat anything. Both are very open to trying new things and don't have any weird food quirks (and she'll even eat meat every once in a while). It will also be around their 1st anniversary so a romantic place wouldn't be out of order.

Thank you so much! I'm not a fly by nighter poster either. I'm pretty active on the Chicago board

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  1. Knox-Henderson is essentially one street that is called Knox on the west side of the highway, and Henderson on the east. Each side is more or less walkable, but it's less easy to cross the highway - so if you can figure out where they'll be living it might help to know which sub-neighborhood to target.

    On the east side, I'd recommend Neighborhood Services Tavern (American) or Alma (Mexican). Tei Tei or The Porch wouldn't be bad either. If they're coffee drinkers, The Pearl Cup is on Henderson and is among the top places for coffee/espresso in Dallas. Veritas, a wine bar, might also be a good choice.

    I'm not really crazy about anything on the west side, so I'll leave those suggestions for other people - but maybe Abacus, or La Fiorentina, or Toulouse?

    Options not far from the immediate area include Salum (American) and Komali (Mexican).

    Neighborhood Services
    5027 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX

    Tei Tei Restaurant
    2906 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

    Salum Restaurant
    4152 Cole Ave Ste 103, Dallas, TX 75204

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      Thank you! I'll check and see what side they are on. I did a little more research and someone recommended your first 4 too so I think we will narrow it down to those.

      Thanks again!

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        Agree with gavlist's choices (tho, haven't been to Alma yet). Neighborhood Services is yum! Tei Tei may be more difficult for her cause your friend is mostly a vegetarian. On the Knox side, Abacus is tasty. Toulouse is great for a brunch. My husband and I live on the Henderson side and are in our early 30s, if your friends want to meet up sometime, to get to know more people. Send me a message at pgwiz1 [at] hotmail if you'd like.

        Neighborhood Services
        5027 W Lovers Ln, Dallas, TX

        Tei Tei Restaurant
        2906 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206