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May 17, 2011 05:02 PM

thai hut!

I just had a surprisingly good meal at Thai Hut! A decent Tom Yum and a more than great Pad Kee Mao! The gorgeous, fresh bird chilies in fish sauce (with minced garlic and a tiny bit of tomato) that the waitress/hostess gleefully and generously supplied when I asked may have been what really made the meal. I tried to save some leftovers but I just ate them when I got home 15 minutes later, that's how much I liked it. With very friendly staff and decent prices, this is going on the regular rotation.

Note: this brief note is for people who walk by Thai Hut (near Inman / Kirkland) every day but never stop in because it looks like your average below average neighborhood takeout. It's not a destination restaurant but I'm sure glad to have it down the street. Plus Rod Dee doesn't deliver to my house.

Thai Hut
93 Beacon St, Somerville, MA 02143

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  1. I agree that it is a pretty dependable place that is surprisingly good. I like Sweet Ginger in Union Square as well, but Thai Hut has been just fine when I don't want to go that far. Nice people too.

    But are you sure that Rod Dee won't deliver to you? I live on the Somerville side of Inman (barely) and they do deliver to me.

    1. This was my go-to takeout spot for Thai when I lived in that neighborhood. Back then, the "dining room" seemed more like a formality that an invitation to dine. I drove by the other night though and noticed they had spruced it up quite a bit. I miss their food and may have to make a special trip to try eating "in". Thanks for the update Melon!