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May 17, 2011 04:46 PM

Need dinner suggestions.

I'm in desperate need of suggestions for new things to make for dinner for my picky pampered family. I'm comming to my wits end and very soon I will just cook for me and they can do for themselves. I know there's a ton of recepies to make in this world but lucky me, I have one that doesn't eat any veggies except corn, potatos and sometimes rice. The other one is ok with veggies but won't touch pork and mostly prefers chicken. Oh, and first one is getting sick of chicken.

Help save two people from starvation due to the cook going on strike!!!

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  1. If you search "picky eaters" on this board, you'll get loads of ideas. This is a frequent lament. Good luck. I personally recommend no enablement but ya gotta do what ya want.

    1. This might help you - put in up to 3 ingredients in the search boxes and it will return recipes with those 3 ingredients:

      This one is good too - you can exclude ingredients as well as specify them, and you can also add a keyword.
      I put in corn and potato and excluded pork and it gave me 260 recipes.

      I love this one, it's a visual search - makes sense since we eat with our eyes

      btw I say go on strike! Fending for themselves for awhile might make them appreciate what you do for them more. Good luck!

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        Ursy_Ten - I did not know about that site

        - what a GREAT option! Thank you! And to the poster, yeah, strike sometimes is best. Seriously, when the hungry sees the options, sometimes the options aren't so bad.

        1. re: JerryMe

          Pleased to be of help! It's a great resource :)

      2. Cook good balanced meals, and don't keep a lot of snack food around and your kids will come around. And another technique is to involve them in the cooking. My rule years and years ago, was no dessert if you didn't eat your dinner. But I didn't have all that much trouble, because my boys saw Mr. Sueatmo eat almost anything I put on the table. If you model good eating habits, your kids will eventually come around.

        It is OK for a kid to have legitimate dislikes, but to avoid almost all veggies? Unreasonable. If the kid won't eat pork, don't fix him/her the pork. Or fix one and save it for lunch for yourself the next day. Your kids are engaged in a power struggle, and you are losing.

        My 2 cents.

        1. Another idea might be some kind of dinner where they can pick and choose what they want to include.
          Examples - tacos, make your own pizzas, make your own sandwich/wrap/tortilla/whatever.
          You put out the ingredients and let them assemble it how they want.

          1. Wow that is tough zeva! I read somewhere a while back that kids of both genders will generally follow dad's lead. My poor next door neighbor loved broccoli and the like but her husband and kids refused to eat it and would complain about the cooking odor if she made a small amount for herself. Le sigh.
            Started thinking about spaghetti and toasted garlic bread while I was reading your post. How do they feel about ethnic food? Be sure to get back to us and let us know how you handled dinner(s) We hounds are rooting for ya!