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May 17, 2011 03:25 PM

Sarah's Cafe on Huron and Concord: Anyone try their breakfast?

Was stopping at HiRise today and noticed the sign at Sarah's Market across the street: cafe serves breakfast and says "omelets". As I have yet to find a good omelet for breakfast (other than homemade) I wondered if anyone had tried this place? Good?

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  1. We've been going to Sarah's for years--it's a solid neighborhood breakfast place. Cops, contractors, yuppies, astrophysicists, kids, etc. The full range of breakfast options--not stellar, memory-making food but decent, consistent, good value and a friendly place. Omelet preferences are pretty personal so you'll have to try theirs and see.

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      Yes. It has a much nicer, friendlier feel than Hi-Rise. The food is solid, not spectacular, but the neighborhood feel of the place is great. The owner, Raj, is a great restaurant proprietor -- knows all the regulars by name and is very welcoming to newcomers. He's of Indian origin (although, I believe, a New Jersey boy) and the place serves a nice mix of foods. You can get a lassi with your chicken parm.

    2. I've only had the corned beef hash and poached eggs, and it was a couple of years ago. I do remember that I really liked the hash, though. Not just a bunch of big pieces of corned beef thrown in a frying pan. No frills place for a quick bite of decent food at good prices. Nice friendly people, too.

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        thanks all. i like Hi-Rise's bread, but I don't like eating there. Uncomfortable and cold. Will try Sarah's and appreciate the feedback.

      2. My nephews swear by the breakfast burritos, and, as everyone else has said, the staff and owners are much warmer and more accommodating than you find at Hi-Rise. Also about half the price.

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          When I first saw this thread my first thought was "solid" and friendly. I didn't post right away due to time issues. I 2nd, 3rd etc... what has been said already. Plus if you need an excuse to park walking distance to Formaggio here is your reason.