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May 17, 2011 03:07 PM

Bermuda Rent A Chef?

We will be going to Bermuda for the first time - 2 families with kids from ages 9 - 19. We would like to hire a chef for an evening to cook for us at the house we have rented - any suggestions? If location matters - we will be staying on Wharf Drive near the Ferry Terminal (far west side of the island). Also - any restaurants in that location that we must visit - either with or without the kids? Really care more about great food rather than fancy decor... Also - any local fresh fruit/veg markets or amazing bakeries for bread on that part of the island? Thanks!

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  1. I'm a big fan of Ben Tompkins,, he's a big fan of cooking locally. However, I know he's been off his feet for a while due to surgery. You can email him and ask him.

    I haven't tried these people, Food 4 Thought Caterers, but their website says they offer a private chef service as well. They've been doing presentations at the local chef shop which I haven't attended yet (next week though!).

    Restaurants down that end of the island, Latitude 64, steak house located in the Port Royal Golf Course clubhouse. There's also East Meets West, located in the Bermuda Golf Academy serves Indian food, service can be a bit slow but there's a mini golf course and driving range to keep the kids entertained as well. Otherwise, Freeport up in Dockyard for seafood has been mentioned a couple times on this board. I'm not a big fan of Salt Rock Grill or Somerset Country Squire, the food is middle of the road. But the Country Squire has a nice deck area looking out over the water.

    For local fresh veg, I'd recommend Wadson's Farms, located on Luke Pond Road, they run a farmstand with fresh eggs and chicken, lamb and pork and sausages, if in season. I've posted their hours somewhere on this board. They're located in between Port Royal Golf Course and the Bermuda Golf Academy.

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      I agree on Ben Tompkins - hope he's available for you.

      And definitely go to Tom Wadson's farm in Southampton - don't know when you're arriving, but if it's after June the range of produce will be rather limited due to the heat.

      Cambridge Beaches in Somerset is old Bermuda - sit outside for lunch, it's very pretty.

      I will check with my west end friends for any other ideas.

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