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May 17, 2011 02:04 PM

Need help for May 24 thru 30..

Coming back to YVR for the better part of a week, have a number of free nights to sample the best of what Vancouver has to offer, and some of those nights I will have company from one to up to six additional diners.

I guess what I want to know is what is really good in Vancouver these days..
Vij's is a must for me..
Is Salt worth the visit?
Blue Water for sushi?
What about Chambar?
Never been but obviously know about Lumiere - should I go?
Why is Market not getting any press?
Are there local gems not on the popular radar worth checking out?

If you had 4 nights to pick anywhere in the city to eat, budget not an issue, but also not of the mind that a big bill equates to a great night (case in point is a place I frequent when in Toronto called Enoteca Socale - probably the best Italian this side of Venice, but I can't budge the bill past $150 for two no matter how hard I try..), where would you go?

Thanks for guiding me...

Vij's Restaurant
1480 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

2551 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K2E9, CA

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  1. Lumiere is no more, so that's an easy question to answer. Dale Mackay's new place, Ensemble, is now open.

    2551 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K2E9, CA

    1. Salt is great if you like wine and charcuterie...don't expect a full meal though. More of a big snack!
      Blue Water is awesome. Sushi + everything else is top notch.
      Chambar is good - food can be inconsistent though. Also, the room can get very loud which turns some off.
      Lumiere is closed. The old chef has opened up a new joint called Ensemble. I haven't been yet.
      Market is alright - nothing to write home about.

      4 nights anywhere?
      Blue Water
      Le Crocodile
      Boneta, L'Abattoir or La Quercia

      La Quercia
      3689 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6R1P2, CA

      2551 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K2E9, CA

      Le Crocodile Restaurant
      909 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z2N2, CA

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      1. re: waylman

        See what happens when you don't pay attention? May check out Ensemble (the old chefs new place), will research the others and report back..

        Thanks for the recs!

        1. re: astaylor

          I've been to Ensemble: it's less upscale than Lumiere (I mean, pulled pork sliders are on the menu). It's not quite a "must visit" place (unless you're a Top Chef Canada fanatic), but it just opened last week and probably needs some time to settle into a groove. They play the tv show while you're eating, which just seemed ____________.

          2551 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K2E9, CA