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May 17, 2011 01:13 PM

Lake Tahoe Restaurant Recommendation Needed!!

This is my hubbie and I's first time to visit Lake Tahoe. We are going on a getaway, just the two of us, before our second child is born in September. We will be going there next week and will be staying in the Heavenly area in South Lake Tahoe but will have a rental car. I am happy to drive to any restaurant that has great food. One night we want a romantic restaurant that may be a little pricier. Ideally I would love it to have a nice view as well. I have heard that Evan's and Christy Hill are good but I would love to get more opinions. The other two nights we will be in town we want to eat some yummy food that is not too pricey if possible. Thanks for any suggestions!!

Christy Hill Restaurant
115 Grove, Tahoe City, CA 96145

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  1. Wild Goose in my opinion is the best restaurant right on the lake with great views. It's on the North Shore in Tahoe Vista. They open for the season May 25. Evans probably has the best food on South Shore, but has no view. Both of these are romantic and pricey.

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      Thanks so much Revrend Andy! I will check out the Wild Goose.

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        Second the Basque rec for Gardnerville. Also, try Cafe Fiore on Ski Run Blvd. Great food and service in a tiny dining room. You can't go wrong there, unless you don't make a reservation.

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          Thank you RevrendAndy for alerting me that WildGoose is open to the public again. It had been a favorite in years past and we were disappointed when they chose to restrict it to members only.

          We went the other night and found the same beautiful lakeside environment and outstanding service as we had remembered. The food was wonderful although for the prices they were charging, the portions were quite small. $30 for Dayboat Scallops is average for a high end place in Tahoe but there were only 3.

          Every bite of all our dishes were great but we were not full after salad and a main course. Wine choices are good and there were both expensive and reasonably priced options. Service was personable and efficient.

          Be aware that Open Table reservations do not qualify you for outdoor seating even if you put it in the reservation notes. You may have to call if that is your desire. We were "irked" as we arrived at our reservation on time and were told that we could not be seated at the tables we saw available outside. Even though they told us we could request but not be guaranteed an outside table and we had a reservation requesting such, they would not seat us there. I don't know who they were holding those tables for if everyone was being told the same thing? I guess it was not first come first serve even with a reservation.

          We are glad they are back though (even if it is just for the summer months) and we will return.

          7320 N Lake Blvd, Tahoe Vista, CA 96148

        2. tahoe south shore is one of my favorite places. here's my list and i'm sure some will disagree..chart house, i know it's a chain but beautiful view up on the mountain, 19 at top of harveys- very inventive food and great view. no view but romantic and good- cafe fiore. for bbq- hole in the wall called womacks right before stateline. i do really like evans too. for casual- freshies- hawaiin with alot of vegetarian options. blue water bistro is literally on the water and really good food- i've only had salads and such-nice when you want something lighter. and riva grille- another one on the water-gets mixed reviews. we also had really good food at tahoe grille last summer but lately i've read it's gone downhill...
          have a great time!

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            Thanks for providing some options for the south shore, it seems like traditionally it has been bleak and slim pickin's. Having worked there in my younger days and now preferring to spend more time on the north end, this is a great reference list to work from.

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              Thanks so much toncasmo. This list is exactly what I needed. I didn't realize the north shore and truckee can be over an hour away until today. So glad to have some suggestions where I can get a beautiful view with some great food!

            2. Head over the state line to Gardnerville, NV and have a fabulous meal and experience at JT's Basque. It's about a 35 minute drive from South Lake Tahoe. Worth it!