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Copper River Salmon?

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Some pals in our neighbor to the south have reported to me the arrival of Copper River Salmon. Does any ever arrive in Montréal?? If so, where? when? how would we know about it? etc.



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  1. Better get on the phone and call the usual suspects (falero, La Mer, Norref, ..)

    I've only seen "generic" west-coast salmon in Montreal, but I admit, I never really look for it since I like it less than east-coast salmon.


    1. Just bought some at Costco. Skin-on filets for $38/kg.

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        Had it for dinner last night. The package didn't specify the species, but it was most likely sockeye. I simply roasted it with salt, pepper and olive oil and served it with some ponzu sauce.

        It was very flavourful and not as dry as I would have expected. A great piece of fish. Hopefully they'll have some more, next week.

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          Which Costco did you go to? Mine is Marché Central. I'd love to get some!


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            It was in Candiac. In my experience, if the one in Candiac has it, all area Costcos should have it as well.

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              The Costco on Bridge Street had some today.

      2. Just bumping this thread. There's a feeding frenzy going on in Chicago on Copper River steelhead. Wondering if it's back at the Candiac Costco?



        1. i bought some at metro on beaumont and rockland in tmr/outremont