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May 17, 2011 12:38 PM

OK, so it's not REAL barbecue

I've been going to Bill's Barbecue in Richmond since I was a child. Through the '50's and '60's, they were drive-ins, with car-hops. When I got my driver's license in 1964, I started taking my dates to the drive-in on Broad St near Libbie Ave.
No, the pork is not real barbecue, because it's roasted in an oven, not smoked in a pit over charcoals. It's a minced roasted pork sandwich, with a mild vinegar sauce. And you can add their peppery, vinegary hot sauce at the table if you want.
I happen to still like it. Maybe it's an "acquired taste". Some folks just don't like it; and that's ok. I see negative reviews written occasionally, usually complaining that it's not real bbq.

The only other place that I've ever seen it done this way, sort of, is Doumar's in Norfolk. I like theirs too.

Also, they have fresh squeezed limeades (choose it carbonated). And homemade style pies as well.

I hope they stay in business another 80 years.

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  1. Oh, Doumar's. Now I'm hungry.

    1. I used to work in the 700 Building downtown, and Bill's was right on the street level in my building. The BBQ is still something I get cravings for, and I loved the homemade pies. It's 'old Richmond', and it's good for what it is.