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May 17, 2011 12:26 PM

Pre-theatre dinner or great lunches in London


I am off to London this weekend am dying for some great food. I have booked theatre in both Regent Park and at the Globe for the 2 nights I am in town and this severely limits our dinner options. I would love some recommendations for places to eat either for a great lunch on Saturday or Sunday or somewhere that would be great pre-dinner food.

Before the Globe, you seem to recommend RSJ or the Swan. Are these the best pre-theatre options nearish to the Globe?

Also for those of you who have done the open-air theatre in Regent Park, how can we have a lovely gourmet feast? Is there somewhere delicious on the way there? Do you buy food in the park? Should we eat before we arrive? Sorry, this is new for us.

If, on the other hand, we go for a splurge-worthy lunch (and not brunch), where might you recommend?
Do you think it is worthwhile to try Nopi, or Nobu or Arbutus?

We are staying near St. Pauls.


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  1. Clark,
    While my views are not representative of the board as a whole - don't go near Arbutus.

    1. When I went to the open air theatre in Regent's Park, I had dinner at the Queen's Head & Artichoke (gastropub) on Albany Street, a short walk away. I never buy food or drink at performances because they're ridiculously overpriced!

      Splurge-worthy lunch: Launceston Place, but I think their set lunch menu isn't really a splurge, more like a bargain.

      Launceston Place
      1 Launceston Pl, Kensington, Greater London W8 5, GB

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        both of this suggestions look great. thanks.

      2. I'd second the recommendation for Launceston Place. The food is very good and makes for a lovely lunch with service to match.

        My feeling is that the food at RSJ is good but not great. I don't know that area too well and hope someone can come up with something more exciting for your pre-Globe dinner. I haven't eaten at the Swan.

        Launceston Place
        1 Launceston Pl, Kensington, Greater London W8 5, GB

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          Clark - on the night you're at The Globe it would be mad to hike it into the West End only to come back out to a venue that's more or less opposite where you're staying on the other side of the river. The following all vary in style and price, but you would get a good meal at any of these which are 'in your manor' so to speak - St.John, Club Gascon and North Road all around Smithfield. Roast or Brindisa in Borough Market.

          Regents Park is a different matter as it's just a hop down Baker Street and you have all of central London at your disposal. Check what time the show finishes; I think the first question I'd ask is whether to eat before or after the show as there are many great places en-route, most of which don't stop serving till 10-10.30pm. A post theatre meal may offer a better, less hurried experience.

          1. re: marcus james

            thanks for this idea marcus! i never considered a post-theatre dinner.

        2. The Swan at the Globe is pretty good, or a bit further away is Magdelen which is excellent and perhaps a 10-15 minute walk. You could also walk West towards Waterloo and go to the Anchor and Hope on The Cut.

          I have to totally disagree with Steve_K about Arbutus - I have always had outstanding meals there, excellent food, great service and very good value. Nobu is a bit 'passe' these days, I would rather head to Roka in Charlotte St.

          If you are staying near St Pauls, the restaurant in St Pauls is pretty good or you could head to Boundary in Shoreditch which isn't too far for a lunch (or Viajante if you are a bit more adventurous).

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            thanks for keeping it 'cool'...