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May 17, 2011 12:25 PM

Chick Fil A Coming to Northridge!

They are turning the old Sizzler on Tampa and Nordhoff into a Chick Fil A. I'm so excited -- we really need one in this part of the world! :)

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  1. I must admit that there's been a Chick Fil A just around the corner from me and I've never even thought of going in. It's not that I don't occasionally eat fast's generally not my first choice for eating out, but when I'm on the road or in a hurry, once in a while I'll have a fast food burger or burrito. So when you say you're "excited" about Chick Fil A coming to Northridge you've piqued my curiosity about whether I'm really missing something. What makes CFA special?

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    1. re: josephnl

      When is it coming. Their website doesn't list any information even as a future opening. Thanks for the information.

      1. re: josephnl

        I'm not a fast food person either (I'm not a fan of McDonalds or Carls Jr or KFC or any of those places) but I really like CFA. I've been to the ones in/near Rancho cucamonga and one near Ontario Mills. They only do chicken -- breaded fried chicken breast or grilled chicken breast. The "regular" sandwich is just chicken and pickles on a toasted bun, but it's a real chicken breast, not chopped and reformed into a patty. You can also get it with cheese, lettuce, tomato, etc, and they also have a spicy version. They also do salads and wraps. The sides are good too, and I like how they have all the sauces, hand wipes, placemats for kids, etc out for customers to help themselves to. The customer service is always good -- that's one of the things they are known for. I believe they do breakfast too, although I haven't tried it before.

      2. It is funny, I had some cousins in from Georgia a few years back and introduced them to In and Out around the same time that Chick Fil A was being built in OC. We all agreed that the burger chain was the better of the two options.

        Chick Fil A is good - nice bun, good fries, but it falls way, way short of great. I just can't get that excited over a breaded chicken breast on a bun with pickles.

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        1. re: ocshooter

          I had the exact opposite reaction, I thought chick fil a was superior. Especially their waffle cut fries. What I really like about CFA too is their friendliness, not to say in n out is not, but they really go out of their way to do a good job. I've often thought they deserve tips way more than some of the traditional sit down restaurants, especially high end places I've been to. But to each his own.

        2. Tampa Ave is becoming quite the little food hub for me. It already has Las Calaveras and Tampa Garden Chinese Delight. Now we will have this and 5 Guys, which I am excited to finally be able to try.

          I have had CFA in TX and MS, and enjoyed it for what it is. A decent fast food chicken sandwich and fries. It will be nice to have a new option when I am out running errands on Saturdays and need a quick meal.

          Chinese Delight
          5952 Lankershim Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601

          Tampa Garden
          8241 Tampa Ave, Reseda, CA 91335

          Las Calaveras
          8341 Tampa Ave, Northridge, CA 91324

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          1. re: Jelly71

            Exactly, Jelly. It's not fine dining -- it's still fast food, but IMO, the best fast food in terms of quality.

            Where is the 5 Guys opening up?

            1. re: boogiebaby

              Someone mentioned in another thread that it is opening in the Costco block. Right across the street from Marie Callender's, I think.

              1. re: Jelly71

                Really? In the same center as In-n-Out?? Wow. As for CFA, I used to occasionally enjoy the one up in Oxnard, when I worked up there, so I'm looking forward to one in Northridge (near where I work now). It's not that it's anything all that special - it's a chicken sandwich, for cryin' out loud, but it does taste pretty good, and I've always had good service - at least in Oxnard.

          2. Are onions an option, boogiebaby? I'd really want them on a breaded chicken sandwich.

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            1. re: Dogbite Williams

              Hmm, not sure. I always get the original sandwich with extra pickles (and add my own mayo), which doesn't have veggies on it. I know there's lettuce and tomatoes, but I don't know about the onions. I don't like the veggies getting in the way of the rest of my sandwich. :)

              1. re: boogiebaby

                CFA offers a bunch of sauces, including a CFA sauce-like honey mustard, honey mustard, ranch.

                It's good, but a bit pricey and not worth the high prices.

                When many CFA open, they do send out free coupons in the mail, to people who live in the area.

                1. re: reality check

                  I got a hyped up spiel from from a friend who said I had to try it.

                  It's fine but it's still fast food and it should be kept in that perspective.

                  I see it more as someone's guilty pleasure as a lot of fast food items tend to be

              2. re: Dogbite Williams

                I was walking by the Highland and Sunset branch and ordered the spicy chicken deluxe sandwich. I tried to add onions and was told they don't have them at all.

                The sandwich was definitely spicy, probably the spiciest fast-food chicken sandwich I've ever had. It was OK, but I would have enjoyed it more with onions and some sort of sauce.

                I'll probably have it again some day, but a five-year interlude won't bother me one bit.

              3. For a dull deep fried chicken sandwich, you are excited?
                Welcome to Northridge.
                I have tried that product in Cerritos a couple of years ago, and Jack in the box has a better version, and I won't even order it there again!

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                1. re: carter

                  I eat Indian, Singaporean, Malaysian, and Chinese food at home. Sometimes bland is a good change of pace. :)

                  1. re: carter

                    I agree. I've been to CFA a couple of times when I worked near their Tustin restaurant.
                    Overpriced, dry, bland, and the fries were like baked cardboard.

                    I have NO idea of how this place became popular!