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May 17, 2011 12:10 PM

Fun 21st birthday dinner suggestions in Manhattan

I am hosting a 21st birthday dinner for my daughter who is at NYU for about 15 people. The group is mostly her age with parents and possible one grandparent. Need a fun lively place that also might have dancing, music or cocktail area to hang out after or maybe a place close by we could walk to. Typically she likes the meatpacking hotspots and she loves ethnic food such as indian, vietnamese, thai etc. Budget not a problem as long as it is fun and great food! I have stayed at 60 Thompson and The James Hotel in Soho and like their rooftop bar areas. Thanks for your suggestions

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  1. Dos Caminos has a meatpacking location and delicious cocktails. The food is pretty good too, for Manhattan Mexican, and it has a buzzing, trendy feel that most 21 year olds should find really fun. Right next to all the meatpacking hotspots, and I really do love the (ridiculously pricey) guacamole. Hope she has a wonderful birthday!

    Dos Caminos
    675 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014