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May 17, 2011 11:12 AM

Chicken Andouille

Hello all,

Does anyone know where I might find chicken andouille sausages? I know Amylu makes them, but I can't seem to locate where to buy them in the east bay. Berkeley Bowl? Whole Foods? Called Magnani and they said they didn't carry them...

South bay (San Jose/Campbell area) is okay, too.


Berkeley Bowl
2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

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  1. Aidell makes a good chicken andouille ; whole foods or andronico's, some safeways have them.

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    1. re: moto

      I thought of Aidell's first, too. It's actually pork!

      1. re: adrienne156

        Aidell's has a specific line of sausages made from chicken, as well--pretty sure andouille is among them. from their website, they make both a pork andouille and another that's specifically labelled as organic chicken cajun style andouille, which is the one I've tried and enjoyed.

        1. re: moto

          Aidell's chicken sausages have pork casings (same is true of many brands), in case the issue is avoiding pork.

    2. VerBrugge on college Ave has a decent selection of house made chicken/turkey sausages. You might try calling them.

      1. My local Whole Foods, Franklin St. in SF, has house made chicken andouille and some prepackaged varieties. If you have a nearby WF, give them a try.

        1. Thanks everyone for the responses. Berkeley Bowl had five different kinds of chicken andouille, including the Aidell's Organic which I had forgotten about (thanks, Moto) but it was $8.99 per package which was a little bit too expensive for the quantity I needed. Ended up with Coleman Natural for $4.99 per package and I would not recommend them. I get that you probably can't get the same slightly coarse texture that I like in regular andouille from chicken, but these sausages just tasted like lightly spiced hot dogs and had no zip.

          On a side note, the issue was avoiding pork and I'm pretty horrified to find out that the Coleman also had pork casings. I just didn't think about that.

          Berkeley Bowl
          2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

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            In the FWIW Dept. -- as in file this away for next time -- Jacob's makes chicken andouille with BEEF casing. Check them out at


          2. Trader Joe's also carries a Smoked Andouille Chicken Sausage. I'm not sure what the casing is made of though.

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            1. re: mhuang

              I think TJ's chicken sausages have pork casings, too.