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May 17, 2011 11:07 AM

Corona tears? Nixtamal downhill; timmy's gone

Having become a great fan of Nixtamal last summer, I ventured over from Astoria on Sunday to get my hands on the tacos "al pastor" and had a very disappointing experience. First of all, they were out of al pastor, even though it was only 1pm on Sunday - made me cry - and the "help" was clueless. There's always a shortage of tables there, but several were sitting dirty, piled high with dishes - there was no where to sit. Even though we were standing, the not too busy staff was standing around, noone seemed in hurry to open up a table or two. Two of the streetside tables were being leaked on by an air conditioner or something, and, as a result, unusable. We finally just got frustrated and left tacoless. Did we just hit a bad day or could the place use some more management attention?

We decided to console ourselves with a conefull of Timmy's frozen custard down the street, but alas the space was being converted into a beauty parlor. What happened?

Timmy O's
49-07 104th St, Queens, NY 11368

Tortilleria Nixtamal
104-05 47th Ave, Queens, NY 11368

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  1. Nixtamal recently opened a kiosk near City Hall, so perhaps the management is indeed neglecting the Corona location for now.

    1. Their service is always slow. Always. Grab your own menus and seat yourself, chase the waitress down to take your order and chase her down to give you your check, because otherwise you will not get service. Wonderful food, but the management is lacking.

      1. I have seen the boss, Fernando at the Kiosk almost everytime I have been there, four times in the last two weeks and he told me he is there everyday so that can't be good for the home office. However, Shauna should still be there and the place is so small she should be able to run the place on her own, at least to the level of adequate service. As for the food, I have not been to the Corona branch in a few months but the Kiosk food, with the exception of the al pastor, is as good as the original had been serving.

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          I'm with the original poster. :( Down, down, down hill... the tamales I picked up last week were dry and flavorless particularly the pork verde. And the service really stunk. Slow and indifferent. My love affair is over.

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