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May 17, 2011 10:21 AM

MSP - Delta Airlines Announces New Dining Options

So all that talent – at the airport? Crazy, man.

“In a continuing partnership, Delta has selected OTG Management to run the enhanced food and beverage program at the airport.”

In looking at OTGs website it seems they’ve ‘partnered’ with a lot of chefs. I wonder what that means, exactly.

From OTGs website:
“Many of our concepts have been developed in conjunction with some of the hottest chefs at premier local restaurants. We pair these exciting OTG concepts with well-known national and local brands, such as Jamba Juice, Dunkin Donuts and Boar’s Head, to develop unique, customized programs for our airport and airline partners.”

Sounds good and glossy. Why does that trouble me?

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  1. It'll at least make a change from the so-called fried walleye I was served in one of the restaurants there once.

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    1. re: buttertart

      Why didn't you ask the MSP hounds? We'd never steer you wrong...

      Sorry about the walleye.

      1. re: MplsM ary

        It was one of those trips that was unplanned, no time to muse. But good to know for future, thanks!

    2. Jucy Lucy's at MSP? Wish it were the 5-8 Club version instead. But still very acceptable upgrades!