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May 17, 2011 09:21 AM

Exploding watermelons and I'm going to work in my vdggie garden

Just when I thought it was safe to buy things like squash family in grocery stores, I find that there're even more chemicals that can be used.
Even though the watermelons in question were exploding in China, it's an eye opening story.

And then there are the very long beans (which are already growing up a trellis in my back yard.)

Just the impetus I needed to expand our garden.


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  1. While I don't deny that chinese produce is exposed to all sorts of things, legal, illegal, and downright wrong...I feel this "event" is so overhyped.

    In your own garden, in the US, using organic means...watermelon can explode under the right conditions. Especially after a dry spell followed by a significant amount of rain (or improper watering)

    You can see the same effect in other veg that are mostly water...radishes will crack open, tomatos, peppers, all of the squash family, pumpkins.

    While I don't know enough about the chemical specifically mentioned, I've seen what has happened with my own eyes in an organic gardens. Nature....is weird.

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      I have gardened for over fifty years and I've seen produce expand beyond the limits of their skin. But NEVER have I lost an entire crop to such overgrowth.

      Nature isn't really wierd, it's only wierd if you don't understand science and plant pathology.

    2. The Globe and Mail (Canadian National Newspaper) ran the AP article you've pasted above and, directly beneath it, another piece entitled"Scares and Scandals" citing further examples of what they describe as "China's inability to over-see its huge and under-regulated food industry." :