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May 17, 2011 09:13 AM

Idea needed for special dinner\anniversary - Like Chef's Table or Lighthouse Dinner

I want to surprise my pregnant wife for our anniversary this year with a special dinner. I would love to do the dinner in the lighthouse in Newburyport, but probably not the best idea to have a pregnant women going up all those stairs and it is over $500 with the food and trip.

I am looking for something romantic like the lighthouse idea or a chef's table experience. It would be nice if it was in a nice town or city that has scenery like Newburyport or Rockport or Newport, RI. I am from Rhode Island and want to make an overnight out of the experience.

If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them! Thank you so much!!

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  1. Would you consider Maine? The White Barn Inn is truly lovely.

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      If $500 is pushing it, the White Barn Inn is probably not realistic. Very romantic to stay at the Inn, enjoy the spa and a meal at the Inn and have a fire in your room, though.

    2. You can always have a chef come to your home.. Barbara Lynch's organization does things like can help plan the menu, even work with them if you'd like..

      Otherwise, Wrights Chicken Farm in RI!

      1. In Newport there is Chandler at Cliff Walk and Castle Hill Inn. Both have restaurants overlooking the ocean. The one at Chandler is called Spiced Pear. Suspect both places are expensive to stay at but you could stay elsewhere and dine there.

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          1. Thank you for this information. I looked at Blue the place is really nice, but really pricey. We have been to Portsmouth 3 times and really enjoyed our experience there. We have been to Maine 2 times, but I wasn't planning on going that far. Thanks for all the great ideas so far.

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              This may not be as upscale as you would like but there is a place in Groton, MA called Gibbet Hill Grill that has a silo room which is quite romantic. The place is situated on a working farm and the views are gorgeous. There are not accomodations on the porperty, there is a Residence inn and a Regency nearby. If 495 is convenient for you from RI, you might also try the Nashoba Winery in Bolton, MA (of course it would be cruel for your pregnant wife not to be able to sample the wines)

              Gibbet Hill Grill: Restaurant
              61 Lowell Rd, Groton, MA 01450

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                Ideally something in 200-300 amount would be great. I am looking into some of these places that everyone has listed. Thanks for the help.

            2. I am thinking about Craigie on Main.

              Anyone do the 6 course tasting here?

              Craigie on Main
              853 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

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                The tasting is very nice, and an excellent way to tour the menu (though you'll have no choices, so you have to be a bi adventurous). You could always order off the menu there as well, ad have a great dinner either way. If you ask when you book your reservation you can get one of the stools that look into the kitchen. My wife and I ate there once, and it was really cool watching all the action.

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                  hi, i eat the whim at Craigie on sundays at 9 pm; 5 courses for $55.00 and you can sit watching the kitchen at a special table.

                  of course, i prefer doing that when the weather is cold as you can get a blast of heat while eating.