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May 17, 2011 08:59 AM

Best BBQ along Skyline Drive in Virginia?

I'll be driving from Maryland to NC on Friday and was hoping to stop at a good BBQ place for lunch along the way. If I can get on the road early, I think lunchtime is going to fall somewhere between Staunton and Blacksburg.

One requirement: I need to be able to get it for takeout.

Any favorites would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you can wait until you get to NC, there are a ton of options to choose from! That said:

    Blacksburg: Due South BBQ is reasonably good. It's been a couple of years since I've been there regularly, but the food used to be fairly consistent. My biggest complaint was that their pork BBQ sandwich was at times a bit dry/light on flavor, but they do have a good house BBQ sauce to compensate. If you want other ideas for Blacksburg, I can help -- I lived there for 5 years and haven't been gone too long!

    If you end up closer to Roanoke, Bad Wolf BBQ: We always used them for catering, so I've never eaten in the physical restaurant, but the pulled and chopped pork dishes that they did for us was always fairly good and flavorful. The sides, on the other hand, were pretty benign.

    Happy travels!

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      Thanks! If you know a good one in NC, I'll take that too. If I can get myself out of bed early enough I might be able to get that far for lunch. Or I'll need some BBQ on the way home too!

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        Where in NC are you headed to? The places that I'm most familiar with are in the Northeast corner of NC, but I do have family in the Western part that may be able to provide some recommendations depending on where you're headed.

        If you get hungry for non-BBQ near Blacksburg, there's a really good burger place in town, Mike's Grill (not open on Sunday). Sharkey's, the Rivermill, and the Cellar also have good, casual lunchtime fare. Bull and Bones is also really good. If you find yourself headed back through Blacksburg at breakfast time, Gillies has great breakfast food (it is a vegetarian restaurant, so you won't find any bacon on the menu).

        Mike's Grill
        418 N Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060

        220 N Main St, Blacksburg, VA 24060

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          I'm headed to Asheville, so western NC places would be great! Thank you!

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            Ok, the family members near Asheville like Luella's ( They said it's got a little bit more of a chain type restaurant feel than a local BBQ dive. It also apparently has both vinegar based sauce (Eastern NC style) and ketchup based sauce, so you have the option to try both.

            My uncle prefers Little Pigs BBQ, because he says it's more "authentic" (I have no idea what he means by that, other than maybe it does have that dive restaurant feel to it).

            They did say that there are a lot of little roadside stands that are really good too, so keep an eye out for those!

    2. The Skyline Drive is a much slower drive than you might expect it to be from the maps. Not just the slower speed limit, but the other cars following that speed limit. It's not a drive you can just take an exit from and in two miles find a restaurant. For example, Staunton is close to the Parkway/Drive. Blacksburg is about an hour from the parkway via two lane roads.
      Take a look at towns that might correspond to your lunch time and then allow for a lot slower drive time.

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        Hmm. I didn't realize it was so much slower than 81. Any idea how much longer it would take to get from DC to Asheville on skyline drive? If it's only an hour, I'll take that trade off, but much more than that, I'll take the faster uglier route!

        1. re: bawlmeroryuls

          I think the highest speed limit (at least on the VA part) on Skyline Drive is 45mph, and there are several 35mph areas. Not to mention that if it's a nice weekend, there will be tons of people (and police) out on the road.

      2. My county has two towns close to the Parkway exit, Buena Vista and Lexington, but the good barbecue around here is all without fixed location (caterers, trucks). Staunton is close to the parkway and blessed with more good restaurants (downtown, near the hotel and railroad station), though I can't think of a BBQ place at the moment.