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May 17, 2011 08:36 AM

Suckling Pig

So ive made this one other time and the skin came out less than crisp. I picked one up at the Bronx Meat Market....14 lbs...15 days old......I will brine it for a day...then put some garlic, rosemary and black pepper, and roast it in the oven.

I guess i will roast it flat as its butterflied at say 325 until it registers at least 155...then crank up the oven to 450 until its crisp.

Has anyone ever done this before? I know that its different cooking process than whole hog roasting and just want to do it right.

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  1. Okay...last post was me...Had to change my username.

    1. I have, but I can't say that I had a problem with crisp skin. That sounds to me like a technique issue. Makre sure that the skin is perfectly dry before going into the oven. You might even score it and give it a rubdown with a good light oil (safflower?) or even lard before salting. This should help to ensure that the skin absolutely shatters.

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      1. re: Ernie Diamond

        So would you also do the 325 then crank it up to 450?

        1. re: FoodExpression

          I always rub my pigs down with a very heavy SALT water. I have also heard that rubbing it with oil will work to. I cook my pigs in a La Caja China.

          1. re: JB BANNISTER

            OOOO..i have heard of such cooking boxes...I am going to do mine in the oven...suggestions on temp?

            1. re: FoodExpression

              Your plan sounds fine and if the pig fits in your oven, a caja china is not at all necessary. I did/do mine w/o butterflying it. the only thing I do to prep the pig is put foil over the ears so they don't scorch.

              Your method will work. If the temp reads 150 on the meat, take a look at the skin to evaluate it. it may be good, especially if you dry it well, give it a light oil coat and salt it. If it needs more color, crank the heat.

              This is going to be a fairly forgiving thing to cook, even if it is a little intimidating. There is plenty of bone, skin and fat to protect the meat while you focus on getting that skin right.

            2. re: JB BANNISTER

              I am also going to brine overnight too.

        2. Here he/she is....cant help but think of Dexter....saturday is the day.

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          1. re: FoodExpression

            Beautiful!!! I agree with Ernie a pig is a forgiving thing to cook. Protect the pigs ears and tail with foil. Cover it BEFORE you think you need it. I would really push you to rub that skin with salt and salt water to get it to crisp up. On a La Caja China you make a X cut on the skin to help it crisp up. I WOULD NOT do that UNLESS you are getting desperate and it is not crisping.

            1. re: JB BANNISTER

              I was going to soak him/her in a brine of salt water overnight...thought that would season it down to the core. I will def make sure to keep him nice and dry before he goes into the oven.

                1. re: JB BANNISTER

                  It turned out really nice...ended up staying in the oven for about 4 hours.....only downside was only about half of the skin was crispy,...the other half was like inedible was hard but not brittle like a good skin should be....I didnt change the heat...just 325 deg for about 4 hours..

            2. re: FoodExpression

              Ha Ha - yes, very Dexter.
              I consider myself a relatively adventurous cook/eater, and I really want to do a whole pig, but the photo is a little unnerving.....
              Glad to hear down below that it came out well.

            3. You inspired me. I ordered off two 10lbs piglets this morning.

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              1. re: JB BANNISTER

                Fantastic! Where did you order them from? I would like to see your before and after pics...I will upload a shot of the one i made this weekend but i only took one pic and its on my wifes cellphone.

                1. re: FoodExpression

                  I ordered from a local meat guy. They are not hard to find if ordered in advance.

                  1. re: JB BANNISTER

                    what part of the country are you located?

                      1. re: JB BANNISTER

               dad lives in Myrtle Beach...I found this decent bbq place there called Three Little Pigs....familiar with the area??? Any other good cue in the MYR area? I will be down there in June....TY!

                        1. re: FoodExpression

                          I am more a Charleston person. I did hear about a great place not far from Florence i just can't remember the name.