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May 17, 2011 08:24 AM

Needing a caterer

Our daughter is getting married at our home Sept 10th and we are needing some to cook prime rib and salmon for 100 people. So many of the caterers I have checked in with are out of our price range. We thought we could do the side dishes, appetizers and salads and save some money. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Try Spoon & Company.

    We went to a wedding in a home in April and I had to seek out the caterer because everything was delicious and perfect for the event, a semi-formal, indoor/outdoor reception for 80. Challenging crowd, too--meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. There were passed hors d'oeuvres and beautiful cheese trays after the wedding, then a buffet including rib eye steaks sliced and tossed with grilled spring onions, glazed tofu and vegetables, roasted beets and potatoes, a roasted sweet potato and bean side, and green salad from a local farm. (Many of the veggies came from a local farm, whose owners were wedding guests.) It was all remarkably good.

    I'm not a cake enthusiast, but the cake was the BEST wedding cake I've ever had. The owner invented it, basically a white cake with pureed strawberries replacing much of the fat, she said. But the cream cheese/strawberry frosting made up the fat, and the cake was decorated with tons of fresh strawberries and flowers. Moist, not too sugary, fresh, and gorgeous.

    Servers were not very formal, but capable and nice. I worked catering for about a bazillion weddings and events through high school and college, so am a little jaded. But these guys made a truly great evening better with their work. Enjoy the wedding!