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May 17, 2011 07:59 AM

Great places to eat in Connemara, Galway or Clare?

We're going on a journey round the west of Ireland taking in Connemara, Galway and Lisdoonvarna, Clare.

Any places that we should definitely eat at? I've read the boards and have gleaned that Morans on the Weir is worth going to.

Thanks for your help

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  1. I think Gregan's Castle in Clare (near Lisdoonvarna, other end of Corkscrew Hill) is serving some of the finest food in Ireland at the moment. If you're looking for creative cooking married to top-drawer local ingredients, it's a must. In Lisdoonvarna itself, the Wild Honey Inn is a great gastropub and worth a visit.

    I don't know Galway/Connemara so well these days, but I'm sure others can help there.

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      We're staying at the Wild Honey Inn, so that's good to hear.

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        Spli- I just recently stayed 2 nights at the Honey Inn. Our dinners were absolutely gorgeous. And at breakfast, I had the most perfect omelette I've ever had in my life! The inn is run by the McGrath family who are just lovely people. We were originally only staying 1 night, but our dinner was so delicious that we stayed a second night!

        Not far from Lisdoonvarna is the town of Doolin. We also recommend the Roadford House for dinner. It wasn't quite the Michelin level of the Wild Honey Inn but very nice nonetheless.

    2. Aside from Moran's, which I loved, you must try Kirwan's Lane in Galway. Vina Mara and Abalone were also quite good.

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        Thanks for the recs. Just so everyone knows I just found Abalone on a Facebook page and they have just closed.

      2. There's a fantastic fish and chips place right on the main street in Galway (Quay Street) - McDonagh's. The furthest thing from fancy, but well worth a visit, especially for lunch.

        1. Thanks everyone. Will definitely be giving some of these a go and will report back!

          1. So here were our favourite places of the trip:

            Wild Honey Inn, Lisdoonvarna. We stayed here, but we ate here two nights as it was so good. Highlights included: lovely crab claws in garlic sauce, they were so sweet and fresh and went very well with the sauce. Braised beef shortribs, they shredded beautifully and had a great flavour. A great Lamb neck dish which had great flavour and texture.

            O'Dowds, Roundstone. A great pub with restaurant that does fresh tasty seafood. Great chowder, and fried fresh fish. I recommend the seafood gratin; huge chunks of fish, crab claws, prawns and an oyster.

            Moran's on the weir, Kilcolgan. The best oysters we ate all trip. I don't think I've eaten oysters that have tasted so fresh. Also some great home-cured gravalax and a linguine with claims and mussels.

            The seafood was very good all over, especially the crab. Honourable mentions should also go to a great lunch at Artisan in Galway.

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              Hi spli, I'm delighted you enjoyed the trip. I'll remember your recommendations for when I'm in that neck of the woods myself.

              (Next time you have to promise me you'll go to Gregan's, though...!)

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                I did like the look of Gregan's and we'll definitely eat there next time we go.