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May 17, 2011 07:11 AM

Co-worker just gave me a bucket of Morel shrooms ...[Moved from Minneapolis St. Paul]

Last year made a beef stroganoff but without the beef, using the Morel's in place of the beef. Outstanding. Other suggestions? Thinking a stir-fry with asparagus tips/Morel's/garlic .. Need to dry most of them, but will use a pound or so over the next few days leading into the weekend.

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  1. lucky you! If you're a veal eater. Pan sear veal, deglaze pan with cognac, saute morels with salt, pepper and butter and reduce with heavy cream.

    1. Did you just come on here to gloat? Cuz it's working *chagrin*

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        Not at all - just want some good ideas. Plus with so many, I also need tips on dehydrating them in a convection oven...

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          Man...I would just use them as recipes call for porcinis...though to be honest, I'd probably just buy 2 pounds of Hope or Danish butter and saute alternately with shallot and garlic and put it on my cornflakes and everything else.

          Risotti would be a must as well.

      2. Lucky, lucky you!! In this household, we do suffer from morel lust, and we're coming up on our yearly glutton fest. Since we all love how morels work in the dish, here's what we normally do: Make Pozharsky cutlets from Anya von Bremzen's recipe ( ) then sauce with an unseemly amount of morels sauteed, in a cream reduction flavored with either sherry or Madeira. Green salad on the side. If you've got sorrel rambling all over the garden this time of year, add it to the salad. The sorrel and the mushrooms are marvelous on the plate together.

        (I've got to go check my yard now. There's a nice crop of morels coming up currently and this mushroom talk is making me eager...)

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          Ha - you guys will never guess-my CH found 20 morel mushrooms in our front side yard in St Paul (we live by the Half Time Rec)...can you believe it? He thought he'd have to go down to Grandma's house by Mankato to find them! Unreal!

          CH cooks morels very simply - butter and soy sauce. That's it. We eat them as a side dish, on a grilled ribeye with a cabernet sauce OR in an omlette.

          1. re: cayjohan

            Reading this made my mouth water and my stomache grumble. I wish I had those fresh morel mushrooms to make the sauce for my cutlets. C'est la vie!

          2. Here's a current thread:


            The majority think that the less you do with them the better. Make the morels the star of the show.

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              Envy you! I agree that the less you do the better. Just sauteed in butter with a little salt. Yum. Enjoy whatever you choose to cook - morels are so special you can just savor every bite.