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Breakfast Secaucus

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We're driving in from Toronto and staying in Secaucus and will be taking public transit to NYC over the July long weekend (for Canada).

Are there any recs for good breakfast/brunch spots in Secaucus? We don't want any greasy spoon joints, preferably licensed so we can enjoy a good mimosa and if it has a patio thats even better.


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  1. If you're staying in the Harmon Meadow area (where most of the hotels are, Plaza Drive etc) I think your only bet would be the restaurant in the Holiday Inn. If on Lighting Way the hotel there has a restaurant. There's a tolerable diner near the train station but it's impossible to get to except by car, as far as I know, and it's not licensed. Secaucus is not known for its restaurants. Welcome to the area from an ex-Torontonian, by the way. I've worked here for several years.