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Visiting from Dallas, got some questions!

  • air May 17, 2011 07:03 AM
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I'm coming into town this upcoming weekend and I've found a lot of good ideas for food, but I'd love to hear some additional input from locals on a few particular things:

Tsukushinbo's ramen on friday sounds interesting. Good ramen definitely can't be found in Dallas, so would coming here for lunch on friday be a good use of my time? I am also considering Kaname Izakaya and Fu Lin.

I am also looking at doing a lunch at Paseo (which I am ashamed to admit I missed last time around). When would be a good time to get in line?

I saw that Din Tai Fung opened a location up there and I could use some good XLB too. Are there any other good contenders apart from them that I should be considering?

I'm interested in trying out three cocktail bars in a single night crawl which would likely be on friday. I am eyeballing Zig Zag Cafe, Tavern Law (especially if I can pull off getting upstairs - how does this work?), and Knee High Stocking Company.

So, is it feasible to attempt stopping through all three of these in one night. or should I trim this downt to two due to potential brutal waits? I will probably be alone for the first stop, but may meet up with another friend along the way. I plan to start at happy hour, do dinner at the second stop, and then a post-dinner drink at the third. I'd really like to hear some ideas on what order I should hit these bars. I'll be on foot and traveling by bus/cab, so I'd also appreciate insight on transportation around the area! Lastly, are there any particular drinks that are unique to each of these bars (should probably note I'm a fan of gin and whisky, really like Aviations and Manhattans/Old Fashioned)? Thanks!

Zig Zag Cafe
1501 Western Ave Ste 202, Seattle, WA 98101

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  1. I went to Paseo around 2pm a week or so ago and there was no line. Then again, it was a very rainy day -- it'll be busier if it's nice out. I've had pretty good experience with going very early (right around opening) or late-ish.

    Tavern Law is another place I've only hit early, during Happy Hour (which is 5-7, if I remember correctly) and again, no problem getting a table. Upstairs doesn't open til 7, and I have't tried it out (yet) so I'm no help there. I'm fond of their Moscow Mule (in traditional copper cup) but then I'm kind of a girlie-drinker. I hear their burger is really good...the only thing I've eaten there are the "crispy fingerlings" which were ok (but not that crispy).

    1. Paseo isn't open on Sunday, so you'll have to go Saturday, which will be busy. I would go early, since they run out of things as the day goes on. Call ahead and pick up (number 5 bus from downtown will drop you off a block away) and then go enjoy your big messy dripping delicious sandwich at a park if it's nice (Green Lake & Gasworks are both nearby).

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      1. re: Brunhilde

        I am a big fan of calling in my order to Paseo's.

        1. re: christy319

          Call-in for take-out is totally our favorite order, but it's complicated.
          We are lucky to live near Paseo, so we can get the goods home and plate them up before they get cold and weary. If you have connections nearby, use them.
          Woodland Park is just up Fremont Avenue a half-mile or so, and has plenty of picnic facility. Greenlake is just a few blocks more.

      2. I much prefer Tsukushinbo to Kaname. Get there early. Lunch is busy and the restaurant isn't that big.

        515 S Main St, Seattle, WA 98104

        1. I can answer on bars. You can do all three. Eat dinner at Tavern Law. For sure it has more/better food than ZigZag. I am less sure about Knee High. I have been to all three athappy hour--arriving 5 to 530, with no problem. It is esp no problem with only one person. I don't know what the wait will be like later in evening though. I would start at ZigZag and be there right at 5 when it opens. then Tavern Law. You can walk from there to Knee High.

          As to what to order, all three has tons of classic and new cocktails. At ZigZag, you want to ask the bartender directly--he's famous for that.

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          1. re: cocktailhour

            Thanks for the tips. Would you also happen to know any details on tthe process of getting upstairs at Tavern Law?

            1. re: air

              Hi! First of all, the best way to experience Zig Zag is to sit at the bar. It gets very busy so I would recommend getting there about ten minutes before five (especially on a sunny Friday). Great staff, great cocktails!! Definitely ask them for recommendations and suggestions! Tavern Law's upstairs bar is called Needle and Thread. You could call ahead and see if they take reservations (if you want to sit at the bar, let them know) or when you get to Tavern Law, make a beeline for the old telephone on the wall next to the old bank door and see if a seat is available. Again, great staff and great drinks!
              Also, if you are going to be at the market during lunch on a weekday (M-F 11-3), Il Corvo pasta is great. It is located inside Procopio Gelateria just a level above where Zig Zag is.

              Zig Zag Cafe
              1501 Western Ave Ste 202, Seattle, WA 98101

              1. re: air

                I haven't been, but I understand that upstairs is reservation only. so make a res, and then there's a phone on the wall to call up for admittance.

            2. After finally getting to the ID for Tskushinbo's Friday ramen, I have to say I was kind of disappointed. It's good, but nothing special. I feel like people only talk it up because of it's limited availability.

              I like both Fu Lin and Kaname better. And while I don't think you should bother going to the Eastside for it, I've been recommending Yoe's near Crossroads to people recently.

              Also, a couple of people have told me Boom Noodle has totally stepped up their game recently and is now actually serving up some good stuff.

              Boom Noodle
              1121 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

              Fu Lin
              512 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104

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              1. re: GreenYoshi

                It's true, Boom Noodle is way better than when it opened, but for ramen, it trails some of the other stalwarts (Samurai, Kaname...) I agree Fu Lin has good ramen, but when I am there I go straight to the Taiwanese beef noodle soup.

                Boom Noodle
                1121 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

                Fu Lin
                512 S King St, Seattle, WA 98104

              2. If you're going to be in the nihonmachi anyway, Maneki and Red Lantern are also good interesting places to try too, with the former usually requiring reservations.

                Our DTF is the worst DTF store in the world, but it's still light years ahead in terms of XLB from anybody else around here.

                Keep in mind that Paseo runs out of bread if you get there too late in the afternoon.

                Maneki Restaurant
                304 6th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

                1. I've been to upstairs at Tavern Law several times. You don't need a reservation but it might help on a busy night. They only let as many people up as can be comfortably seated. When you arrive, just pick up the phone on the far wall and tell the person on the other end how many people are in your party. They'll let you know if they have room for you, or if not when to call back. It's worth the (slight) rigamarole in my opinion -- it's very classy and civilized up there and a nice respite from the hustle bustle of the downstairs bar.