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May 17, 2011 06:58 AM

Need help Please recommend restaurants on Galveston Island

will be there a few days in June Family of three

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  1. While it's not a restaurant, LaKing's confectionery is amazing. Just around the corner is lunchbox cafe.

    1. There have been quite a few similar questions posted in the past couple of months. Search for "Galveston" and you'll find a whole host of recommendations!

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      1. Interesting just today on they posted their take on the ten best places to dine on Galveston Island. For the most part I think they have some great places on the list.

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          I would take the Landry's establishments off the list, but I guess they can't bite the hand...and all that. I did have a really good redfish once at Fisherman's Warf. Those two Italian places, DiBella and Luigi's get frequent mentions in favorite lists, I need to try them out.

          1. re: Lambowner

            I notice on these boards a lot of Landry's corp bashing. Sometimes I think once any restaurant becomes part of a major corporate chain food lovers love to bash them.

            Of course in Galveston our dining options are heavily impacted by Landry's Corp. If on the island long enough you will eventually dine at one of their establishments. You know what? I love food, and I will admit I actually eat at one or more of their restaurants on a regular basis. I have eaten at the Landry's San Luis twice this month. I can honestly say I have never had a bad meal at that Landry's. Their avocado stuffed with crab meat is delicious, not the fried one, but the fresh one on tomato. I think these days it is an off-the-menu request.

            Now is all of the food in Landry's Corp. restaurants award winning? Absolutely not, but they are good quality and consistent. Personally Willie G's is some of the better dining on the island for creative seafood. I recently had an enjoyable meal at Fisherman's Wharf. ultimate crab cake atop sauteed spinach, very tasty. I also like non-corporate dining, Shearn's at Moody Gardens is great. I still like Gaido's even though many think it has lost its' luster. The soft shell crab Saparito at Gaido's remains decadent. I dare say 901 Postoffice on the island is some of the better dining in the Houston area these days, and it is locally owned.

            I just don't think we should automatically discount corporate restaurants. If food is good it doesn't bother me if it is coming out of a corporate kitchen or mom and pops neighborhood kitchen.

            1. re: swamp

              My only problem with Landry's restaurants is the mediocre food and high prices. Seriously, with few exceptions (one being the redfish dinner noted above), that has been my experience. The last time I chose one of their restaurants was the Aquarium at Kemah with some kids. One could look around and understand that the prices must support the huge aquariums in the place and the great view of passing yachts, but why can't the food be adequate? Landry's cuts corners, period. La Griglia used to be one of our favorite spots, and we haven't been since the quality of the food dropped after the sale. It's just a fact. I, too, have ties to Glaveston, and admire Tilman Fertitta for his philanthropy, drive and success. He's an Islander to be proud of. But his business model is focused on feeding masses of people, lots of children, and mostly in a resort setting with lots of shiny things to look at. And the food reflects that focus. Just my opinion.

              La Griglia Restaurant
              2002 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019

              1. re: Lambowner

                I don't like the Tilman empire from many points of view. He dumbs down good restaurants. His business ethics are pretty much non-existent. I look upon his philanthropy in the same vein as Al Capone's soup kitchens. To get an idea of what kind of business dealings he does read the Houston Press article by Allison Cook from 1994 to get some history of how he got where he is.

              2. re: swamp

                I've spent a lot of time on the island in the last 20 plus years, working and fishing. I've had locals tell me the Landry Corp. places are a cut above because of the time Fertitta spends down there. That being said, I'll still find other places to go to. Here's a couple of suggestions that require a bit of time. One is Stingaree on Bolivar Peninsula, the only problem is that the ferry lines can be long during the summer, even on a weekday. Kids love riding the ferry, feeding birds off the back, and adults enjoy the scenery. As many times as I've ridden on it, I still usually get out of the car and take in the view. There is a nice breeze, and if lines are long you can always park up front and walk on, the round trip takes about an hour. The other is a forty five minute drive to Surfside, the Red Snapper Inn. I love the fresh fish, oyster, and shrimp poor boys if you're on a budget, and they have many other tasty items. It will require four dollars in tolls at the San Luis Pass bridge for the round trip. It's a nice drive, lots of water to see, some very close to the road due to all the storm erosion.



                1. re: James Cristinian

                  I agree on the Red Snapper Inn, have had some very good dinners there.

          2. Benno's on the Beach is a great casual place that you can go just off the seawall, I have always found them to be consistently great. I also ate at Gumbo Bar recently and thought is was really ggood.

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