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Had any good wings lately. Maybe a friend brought some to your super bowl party? I want to know about it.

The rules are simple:

1. Hot wings. By that I mean buffalo wings, spicy wings, anything goes. American, Asian, barbecue, whatever.

2. I'll order from a chain but I've never had good wings from one. But it would be nice and convenient. So shoot.

There are a few contenders but as far as I’m concerned no definitive winner. Just a first and second place.

1st Place.
Ye Rustic Inn
1831 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles
323 662 5757
xtra hot it too hot for me!

2nd Place
Ribs USA
2711 W Olive Ave
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 841-8872
Cross Street: Naomi Street
xtra hot isn't hot enough for me!

Rubin's Red Hot
15318 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403-3104
(818) 905-6515
Cross Street: Sepulveda
Is this place closing? Never been 'cause someone said it's just like Rib's USA.

Kruang Tedd Music & Thai,
5151 Hollywood Blvd & Jumbo’s Clown Room
Los Angeles, CA 90027, (323) 667-9800
Wings on lunch menu only. Their like hot chicken candy

2068 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 444-1432
Cross Street: Mississippi Avenue
mean and green

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  1. the best i have had are at Bay Cities Italian Deli, just the right amount of spcieyness and full of flavor, chicken meat tender and pulls right off the bones. great stuff. even better than the sandwiches.

    darn it, gave away one of my secret treasure troves.
    (since everyone always orderds the sammies here but usually not the wings.).

    1. i REALLY enjoyed the wings at Tom Bergin's.

      Tom Bergin's Restaurant
      840 S Fairfax Ave
      Los Angeles, CA 90036

      Link: http://www.jeffmauro.com

      1. Time again for the same answer: Ye Rustic Inn.

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        1. re: Christine
          Hershey Bomar

          Some people don't want to share. They just want to post the same old places. Who knows maybe a wing place just sprouted up over night. I heard of a place that was supposed to be great -- a week after they closed.

        2. Wings 'n' Things on Crenshaw not far from King. Good stuff! Try their deep fried veggies too--like southern tempura. I like the mushrooms. Dip everything in their hot sauce and their ranch/white sauce. That reminds me I need to go back...

          1. p
            Professor Salt

            Here's a place that doesn't get mentioned much on the board, for the OC folks. Jumbo, meaty wings fried and served with either: 1) Spicy Buffalo type sauce (eh) or 2) Jammin' Jamaican jerk sauce (yeah, baby!)

            The wings are fried expertly until crisp, and still juicy. The sweet syrupy jerk sauce kicks you with herbs like thyme, rosemary, black pepper, and who knows what else. It does not have ginger, scotch bonnet chilis, allspice and other more potent flavors of authentic jerk seasoning, but it's very good nonetheless.

            Longboard Pub
            217 Main St.
            Huntington Beach, CA

            Link: http://professorsalt.com

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            1. re: Professor Salt
              Hershey Bomar

              I'll check it out. Is WingNut any good? I think it's a chain with one in Costa Mesa.

              1. re: Hershey Bomar
                Reality Check

                WingNuts is a run of the mill hot wings. All kinds of flavors to choose from but only one flavor per 10 wings ordered.

                I see many ribs orders at WingNuts but most people in OC wouldn't know good BBQ if it fell in their lap.

                1. re: Reality Check

                  I just went to WingNuts two nights ago in Costa Mesa. They've been only open for less than a week. You can get 2 flavors for an order of 10. I got Atomic and my girlfriend got Cajun.

                  They were great and the Bleu Cheese dressing was nice and chunky. Easily the best wings in the OC an I've tried them all.

                  1. re: Drey

                    Do you mean Wingstop, the new location near Triangle Square? Wingnuts near the Target store on Harbor Blvd has been over for a few years now.

                    1. re: Wonginator

                      I said Wingstop, in Triangle Square. I tried Wingnuts once before and they were horrrrrible. Wingnuts' idea of really hot wings is less than tobassco.

                      Wingstop is much better!

                      1. re: Drey
                        Reality Check

                        You may want to check your post again, you said WingNUTS and made no mention of Triangle Square, just Costa Mesa.

                        Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

            2. INDO KITCHEN
              5 North Fourth St.
              (626) 282-1676

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              1. re: ipse diixt
                Hershey Bomar

                Thanks but what are they like?

              2. I love Rubin's, which I think is about the same recipe as Ribs USA. But the extra hot sauce is definitely spicy and you can always ask Max to make it even hotter. I always get a side of the extra hot sauce to put on the wings (and fries) just to give them a little extra kick.

                Max hasn't said a thing about closing, but I don't really know how he does it. He seems to be there every day from opening to closing.

                1. Hoggies and Wings on Venice near La Brea is hands down the best wings. Great fries too! You should try their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich also.

                  It's a hole in the wall shack but was started by two Cordon Bleu chefs. They have 6 flavors: Mild, Hot, Suicide, Lemon Pepper, Honey BBQ, and Terriyaki. I haven't tried the last two yet but the other ones are the best I've had anywhere!!!

                  WARNING: Their Suicide wings are NO JOKE. They must be using Indian or Thai peppers. So Hot!

                  Their Blue Cheese is a bit thin so I usually bring my own.

                  Link: http://www.hoagiesandwings.com

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                  1. re: Habanero

                    I second Hoagies and Wings. Here's a little trick. Order the sauce on the side, and pour it on the wings when you get home. It will substantially increase your wings crispiness factor.

                    1. re: dood

                      I third this place, particularly because they deliver (which makes it a great last-minute party-saver)! My boyfriend and I have become such regulars, the guy who delivers often stops to chat for a few minutes. Great wings, great people!

                      Link: http://www.hoagiesandwings.com/

                      1. re: floorpie742

                        is this the place that used to be Uncle Darrow's, i think it is but i wanst sure.

                    2. re: Habanero

                      Try Hoagies and Wings...

                    3. Great post! The sauces at Wings N Things in Huntington Beach are very similar to the Anchor Bar, Buffalo with several selections of heat. The wings are deep fried to a good crisp and chew. They also have other Buffalo style foods. Great place to stay and order a bowl of 50 or 100 wings and watch the game on the giant TV. I also like the wings at Tito’s Market in El Monte. These are not the Buffalo style wings. Tito’s wings are very big and meaty and seem to be rolled in a dryer (but not to dry) sauce. The result is they are great hot or later when they are cold. Tito’s has mild and Hot.This is a great place is stock up on Chow for a party at home because these wings are just as good good as they are when hot.

                      Wings N Things Restaurant (Buffalo Wings – Mild, Hot, Extra Hot, Beyond Hot , Beef on Weck, Ribs, Buffalo Chips from the real Buffalo)
                      18302 Beach Blvd
                      Huntington Beach, CA 92648-1311
                      (714) 848-2767

                      Tito’s Market (Argentina Market, Try the Regular subs w/ jalapeno, & beef empanadas, Hot Wings, Ribs – Great Party supply place)
                      9814 Garvy Ave.
                      El Monte, CA 91733
                      (626) 579-1893
                      About five min. drive off the I-10 or the Pomona – 60 Fry. at Rosemead Blvd. From the 60 go North on Rosemead Blvd to Garvy Ave. From the I-10 go South on Rosemead Blvd to Garvy Ave. Once at Garvy go East to “Tito’s Plaza.” You will find Tito’s Market in the rear of the Plaza. Tito’s subs and empanadas built this whole plaza.

                      1. as far as i can tell no one has mentioned Hot Wings Care at the 7000 block of Melrose. they have specials monday and tuesday (i think) and the wings are great. so is the coleslaw.

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                        1. re: suzy
                          Hershey Bomar

                          Eh...Not the best quality. But your right is should be on the list. I just feel the wings could be tons better.

                          It's like because of the name it's easy to find out about their wings and so you try them and think...Not Bad! But then you try the wings at Ye Rustic Inn and and you think...What was I thinking? This is more like it. Damn, damn Hot Wings cafe for wasting my wing time.

                          Hot Wings Cafe
                          7011 Melrose Ave
                          Los Angeles, CA 90038-3307
                          (323) 930-1233

                        2. I can't believe no one mentioned Wing Stop!

                          1. Just as a comparison, I offer The Richmond Bar and Grill in El Segundo. They fry the wings/drummettes, and have a good hot sauce.

                            If you go in on a slow night/afternoon, and know the cook, he will grill the wings/drumettes before saucing them.

                            Try the chili, too.

                            1. One of the problems with reviving these very old threads is that some of the information is out of date. Rubin's Red Hots is now closed. RIP. I really miss those wings.

                              Any recs for good wings in the San Fernando Valley? Ribs USA has similar wings, but it's a bit of a drive.

                              1. I'm fond of the wings at Robin's restaurant in Pasadena. Has anyone else tried them?

                                1. The wings at the Long Beach Cafe really surprised me. I happened to be down there working and nothing in the east village arts district was open except this place to eat late at night. It's a diner. But the wing flavors are amazing and they are SLOW cooked (roasted?) so the meat falls off the bone. this is rather extra delicious of course, beacuse they are slathered with wet hot buffalo sauce.
                                  the sauce itself is not magnificent, but it is an eminently enjoyable buttery frank's red hot thing.
                                  these wings are steamy, and it's a nice change to have wing meat fall right in your mouth rather than force you to tug it off.
                                  LONG BEACH CAFE. 615 E. Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90802 (Phone) (562) 436-6037

                                  Of course, Ye Rustic Inn is really unbeatable in this category as far as I'm concerned. I try to eat other wings and there's just too many things that can bring a great wing down, and Ye Rustic Inn has an absolutely perfect version, extra sauce.
                                  In fact, I had an intense wing craving 2 weeks ago and couldn't make it to ye rustic inn and had to settle for, of all unholy things, the pizza hut wings i could walk to. it's painful just remembering the experience.

                                  And it depends how you feel about breaded wings rather than the slathered variety, but Nicky D's in silver lake has some very nice breaded wings (though they seem to have been gradually decreas in spice level since they opened a couple years ago.) and they are not the most consistently cooked wings - sometimes you'll get some charry ones, other times they're still kind of wet from what I assume is their previously frozen state. in any case, i dig em.