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May 16, 2011 08:18 PM

Best take out for lunch in Toronto...want to impress!

okay, so have a car and want to bring an amazing lunch for a group of 4 for lunch in downtown toronto..don't mind driving as I have a car. They love seafood, pizza, gourmet sandwiches, indian...i don't live downtown so would appreciate to hear what you'd love to have brought to you for lunch..

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  1. Where downtown, as a lot of food degrades seriously during travel time.

    1. Depending on where you are serving lunch downtown, I would choose a good restaurant nearby and ask them if they would put together a "take-out" lunch, regardless of whether they normally do so. For example, if it is anywhere around the queen/university area, I would contact Nota Bene, which probably could do, if they are willing a fabulous luncheon of food items that would travel well, perhaps a series of small appetizers would also work well. I would probably avoid pizza as that usually suffers from travel time to serving time.

      Nota Bene
      180 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2A1, CA

      1. When my friend was in hospital I brought soup and sandwiches from Ravisoups one day, and sandwiches and salads from Mercatto another. Both were appreciated... especially compared to hospital food :P Rodney's By Bay also does takeout I believe, most of it is not food designed to travel necessarily but the lobster roll might do quite nicely

        15 Toronto Street, Toronto, ON M5C 2E3, CA

        322 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

        Rodney's By Bay
        56 Temperance Street, Toronto, ON M5H 3V5, CA

        1. I've seen people get panini for takeout at Negroni before, though I can't say how well it holds up.

          492 College Street, Toronto, ON M6G 1A4, CA