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May 16, 2011 06:15 PM


looking for a great place for a birthday dinner, with about 10 adults (including one vegetarian) and possibly a toddler who is good in restaurants, but is still, after all, less than 2 years old. BYOB would be nice, great food, "some privacy" so that we don't have to sit right on top of another party, some ambiance???--- too much to ask?-- any suggestions?

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  1. I would suggest Shirin Cafe, in Manalapan. The Uzbek cuisine is delicious, and there are plenty of vegetarian-friendly dishes on the menu. With 10 people, you might want to consider doing the banquet. The decor is charming, and there's a table towards the back that's perfect for a large group. It's a BYO.

    Shirin photos here:

    and here: