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May 16, 2011 05:44 PM

green garlic

Where can I find green garlic in the greater Lexington area? How about ramps, for planting, as well as for eating??

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  1. I used to get green garlic at small farm in Stow. I'll bet Wilson or Verrill farm will have them. Ramps usually grow wild.

    1. I've gotten both green garlice and ramps at Russo's recently.

      1. By green garlic do you mean garlic scapes? Every now and then I see them around in various produce sections. I think I saw them last at Whole Foods in Andover

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          Green garlic looks a lot like scallions, except you can see the bulb starting to form. As trufflehound said, I bet Wilson and Verill will have it, and the farmers' markets are just starting. I definitely found green garlic and scapes well into June last year.