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May 16, 2011 04:52 PM

Montreal for the Canada Day long weekend - where would you eat and drink?

My girlfriend and I are making a tradition of doing Canada Day in Montreal and would like some suggestions for where to wine and dine.

We have a reservation at Garde Manger for the Friday but that still leaves Thurs. night and the rest of the weekend until Monday.

Where would you go for breakfast/brunch, lunch, and dinner. Also we would like to know of your favorite bars and pubs preferably with patios.

There are so many places that it's hard to choose with such a limited space of time.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated


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  1. Oh, I almost forgot. Pizza! We are from Toronto and have heard that there is some excellent pizza to be had in Montreal.

    Where do we get it?

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    1. re: stonegenie

      ok, here goes...
      pizza, try Amelios. it's in the McGill ghetto, which mean lots of college kids but the pizza is pretty good. ( It's also a bring-your-own-wine place. There's also Pizza Napoletana in little italy (, bring-your-own wine as well. I haven't been there in years but I remember it being very good.

      Try Ice House on Roy & St. Dominique. Bourbon Lemonade!! Yummy. The food is sort of tex-mex, tacos, chicken and ribs. Not sure if they open for lunch, but they have a patio.

      Must try - Joe Beef!! Probably my favourite place. There a nice pub across the street, The Burgundy Lion, for drinks before your meal.

      That's all I got for now!

      Joe Beef
      2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

      201 Rue Milton, Montreal, QC H2X1V5, CA

      1. re: randa_h74

        another amazing pizza place is Il Focollaio

        The oldest bar in Canada is Dominion Square Tavern...might as well check it out.

        1. re: kpaxonite

          Sorry for the topic hijacking, but how is this defined? I'm genuinely interested, not trying to argue.
          The bar was closed and re-opened only in 2009 under new management, and the building itself was only constructed in 1926. I know of a number of bars in Canada that are considerably older... even based on continuous operation. The only way around this might be if you consider it that Ontario had prohibition until 1927 and thus bars there may not have legally served drinks... But even in Quebec I assumed there would be older pubs than that.
          Do you know how this was measured?

          1. re: Fintastic

            I actually looked up up and its myth ... my bad

            (still worth checking out though....)

    2. Have you been to Montreal before and tried Schwartz's for Montreal smoked meat and Au Pied de Cochon for over the top Quebec style bistro food? They are definitely quintessential Montreal experiences and well worth a try.

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      1. re: Jasper1

        We went to Schwartz's last time we were there and loved it. We also had brunch at Olive and Gourmando (sp?) which was excellent as well. We went to the Jean Talon market on our last day and we will definitely be doing that again. We have not dined at APDC.

        This time we would like to do something special for at least one brunch. We would like to go to a really good bakery and grab some things for a snack or lunch in a park. We also would like to experience some other fine dining other than Garde Manger while we are there.

        Most of all we want some good casual bars or pubs that we can lounge at for some drinks and possibly dinner or lunch.

        We have heard that Crescent St. is a great place for night life and food. Any thoughts?

        Thanks for all the suggestions.

        I will check out Dominion Square, Joe Beef and some of the pizza places mentioned.

        Joe Beef
        2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

        1. re: stonegenie

          Crescent St is very touristy...mostly Americans, Ontarians, and drunk college kids. It's certainly a happening spot in the summer and worth an evening...but it's far from my favourite place for nightlife. The patio at Brutopia is alright. I can't think of any decent food on Crescent, however. (I guess people here recommend Newtown but I've never eaten there).

          As an alternative, you can try the bars and pubs on's fancy and pretentious between Sherbrooke and des Pins then gets more diverse and casual as you head north. It completely depends on your style but the old standbys are the Copa, Barfly, Divan Orange, Casa del Popolo...also several places on Rachel, Duluth, Mont-Royal.

          If you're a beer fan then you must try Dieu du Ciel on Laurier, though it's a bit dark and stuffy for a nice summer evening...but truly the best beer in the city if not the country! For food and beer, you might want to try Reservoir and L'Amère à Boire.

          Keep scrolling through some older posts to get some consensus recommendations on the new and not so new well appreciated mid and upper range restaurants.

          BTW, where'd you hear Montreal was a good pizza town? I haven't been very impressed by the offerings here!

          For a nice picnic, you might want to head to Atwater market and lounge by the canal. You can also rent bikes or use a bixi to bike along the canal to/from the Old Port. It's a wonderful ride.

          1. re: foodinspace

            montreal is not a pizza town
            this fact is often bemoaned on this board and in real life

          2. re: stonegenie

            Mmmm....crescent street depends on how old you are. Pretty youthful vibe and anglo-touristy. That being said it it can be fun for a few hours of people watching if you can get a seat on the terrasse at Winston Churchills on a sunny day. Food is definitely, definitely not good but the basic club sandwich won't kill you (ha ha). I don't recall if the street merchants do anything special for Canada Day like they do for other events (ie closing the street to traffic and having concerts).

            Newtown is the only place on Crescent for which I have heard positive comments about food.

            1. re: tah1234

              if you get drunk there is always boustan

        2. Any thoughts on Le Club Chasse et Peche ?

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          1. re: stonegenie

            expensive but one of the very very restaurants in town... during the summer they have a patio next to place jaques cartier in the center of the old port

            1. re: stonegenie

              I second kpaxonite's recommendation. CCP is great. I seem to remember that the patio is only open during the daytime, but I could be wrong.

            2. I suggest the Mile End neighbourhood.
              Lawrence for breakfast/brunch (english breakfast with homemade bacon, sausages, blood pudding, etc), Olimpico for coffee, the original bagels from St. Viateur or Fairmount (you can buy them hot and dunk them in some cream cheese), Pizza from Magpie (other good options in Little Italy are Napoletana and Bottega), and danishes/pastry from Guillaume (try the buns aux pommes) or Mamie Clafoutis (the Marie The outlet on Parc). Also Dieu du Ciel has patio now, so less stuffy and awesome beer. Everything is in a 3-5 block radius.
              Oh and I second the Dominion Square Tavern (good food even nicer drinks if you like the Mad Men vibe).
              Club Chasse et Peche is $$$ and I believe their their patio is only open for lunch (it's the garden of Chateau Ramezay). Alternatively try Le Filet on Mont-Royal by the same owners.

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              1. re: estilker

                Mile end sounds like a good place for us. Any places with a really good burger near there?

                1. re: stonegenie

                  Burger de Ville
                  5282 boul. St-Laurent

                  Their poutine is also very good, as well as the grilled veggies, and prices are extremely reasonable. You can see their menu in the Photos area.

                  Burger de Ville
                  5282 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC , CA

                  1. re: kpzoo

                    That place looks really good. Do you know of any pubs or restaurants that do a good burger as well?

                    1. re: stonegenie

                      "Do you know of any pubs or restaurants that do a good burger"

                      I'm not too familiar with the pub scene so I'll let someone else answer on that front, but Burger de Ville *is* a restaurant, so I'm not quite sure I understand fully what you mean.

                      Burger de Ville
                      5282 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC , CA

                      1. re: kpzoo

                        Sorry for not being clearer. We like the look of Burger de Ville and will probably go. I was referring to a restaurant or pub/bar that isn't specifically a burger joint but more a restaurant with a full menu that does a really good burger.
                        I know it's being greedy on my part but a patio would be awesome too.

                        Burger de Ville
                        5282 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC , CA

                        1. re: stonegenie

                          I heard that Brasserie T! has an awesome burger. Not really a patio, but it is right in the middle of la place des art. the view is beautiful.

                          1. re: vanierstudent

                            You could go to Brasserie T for the food but I wouldn't call the view beautiful (if they could have just closed off Jeanne Mance and made it a truly open space, maybe, but otherwise, I find this area to be disappointing for international visitors)

                            1. re: unlaced

                              Unless something has changed radically since I was there a few weeks back, Jeanne Mance is closed to traffic, isn't it? It certainly is during festival season. Brasserie T does have an outdoor area, overlooking the carre des spectacles area, which is a great place to sit if the weather's nice - and the jazz fest is on on Canada Day, isn't it? So that would be right outside. Reservations would be essential, though.

                      2. re: stonegenie

                        the Olde Orchard pubs make a great burger and homemade fries. There are a few locations.

                    2. re: stonegenie

                      Lawrence (5201 Saint Laurent) makes one of the better hamburgers in town.

                  2. If you're going to the Jean Talon Market... on the way there's Vices & Versa (Quebec beers on tap) selection varies. They have an awesome quiet terrace in the back. They're just south of Little Italy and JTM. Mile End is just okay... it used to be fun 10-15 years ago but is pretty much over run with scenesters now... good for a peek and a bagel. I'd avoid Crescent... it's terrible (basically a block and a half of hell) but that's just my thing. Bily Kun is fun and non-pretentious bar on Mt. Royal. Most bars and some restos along Mt Royal heading east have terrasses out front during the summer. Not good if you want some quiet cause they're right on the sidewalk next to the parked cars... great for people watching and beware of the wasps. Resevoir on Duluth is okay they have a terrace upstairs but nothing special.

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                    1. re: chickenbruiser

                      Second Vices & Versa as well. Not far there is Le Plaza as well.

                      I agree that there is not that much to "see" in Mile End. But there is good food to be had.

                      Perhaps add Tuck Shop to your list in St. Henri?

                      Le Plaza
                      6230 Rue Saint Hubert, Montreal, QC H2S 2L7, CA

                      1. re: estilker

                        I 'third' Vices & Versa and suggest ordering one of their "carousels" of small glasses of an assortment of different beers and ciders.