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May 16, 2011 04:21 PM

Foods for fun Limo Ride

Hi Everyone, I am new here. Just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas for fun foods to take on a limo ride to Fenway. It is a bunch of boys and their Moms. I want the food to travel well, not be too messy.

Thank you!

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  1. Food that travels well and isn't messy on your way to see the sox???... I would suggest Beer. Don't shake them or the whole "not too messy" thing is right out. Save your appatite for Fenway. Go see George and Harry at the sausage connection on Landsdown Street. They have the best sausage peppers onions! If you like hot, George hosts the hotter than hell night in Boston. He was on man vs food when they were in Boston. If you want to be in the "know", order the sausage peppers onions with the sauce and the shake. Eat that and go right to the beer line inside Fenway and order 2 tasty're gonna need them!! Inside Fenway, the Legal chowdah is great when it's cool out. the kosher dog and the Fenway frank is great as long as mustard, and only mustard, is applied. The nuts are the best in the stands as long as you alert the guy selling them when he is a good distance away. As soon as he sees you, he throws the bag, so be ready! Good Times!

    1. foodwallguy's fenway specific suggestions are great for eating there. But may I suggest that you propose this question in the home cooking or general chowhounding board. This is more of a general question since it applies to all limo rides and is not specific to So. NE. You might get more hits on one of those boards.