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May 16, 2011 03:19 PM

Charleston on a budget with a!

Headed to Charleston for a weekend in June with my 8 year-old son to meet my folks, see the town, and to sample some of the wonderful food I've been reading about. We're staying downtown in the historic district, and we'll have a car.

I made a "master list" of restaurants to choose from based on everything I've read on this site and others (including Fig, Pearlz, Husk, Peninsula Grill, Magnolia's, SNOB, Charleston Grill, HIgh Cotton, McCrady's, 82 Queen, Hominy Grill, Cru, Hank's, Trattoria Lucca, etc.), but most of them are way over our budget for dinner (most entrees being between $25-$35) and/or not suitable for a child food-wise. We'll certainly try a few for lunch/brunch, though.

Any ideas for a great (yet not too pricey) Charleston dinner for 3 adults and 1 somewhat picky 8 year-old? Thanks for your help!

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  1. Cru, Hominy and 82 Queen are probably the cheapest ones on your list and are certainly suitable for children. If you can tell me what "somewhat picky"means I may be able to recommend specific places outside the HD that might suit you. In the meantime look at Mustard Seed, Page's, Boulevard Diner all in Mt. P. Check out Glass Onion, Triangle Char and Bar and Mustard Seed West Ashley.

    82 Queen
    82 Queen Street, Charleston, SC 29401

    Boulevard Diner
    409 W Coleman Blvd, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

    Triangle Char & Bar
    828 Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29407

    Glass Onion
    1219 Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29407

    Mustard Seed Cafe
    38 S Main St, Sparta, NC 28675

    1. Perhaps Sermet's Corner on King? the entrees are in the 14-16 range with a small option avail for $2 less. It's the $10 calamari appetizer that I live for though, and the really, really good bread. There are burgers and sandwiches on the menu even at dinner. It's a nice lively atmosphere and right in the thick of things on King St. so you won't feel like you had to settle.

      I don't remember exactly what Al di La costs (Italian, just across the Ashley) but you can get small portions of the pasta...and it's plenty. me out, is Al di La budget-priced?

      Sermet's Corner
      276 King St, Charleston, SC 29401

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        Hi, danna! Sorry to say, I have never been to Al-Di-la! I know, wrong, but it's "all the way across the Ashley", lol. I can second Sermet's, and suggest Mellow Mushroom for pizza.

        1. re: Sue in Mt P

          good lord, sue! 3 words: shrimp ricotta gnocci.

          get over know, there IS a bridge ;-)

          1. re: danna

            Jestine's? Fast and French? Thai Basil? Moe's Crosstown?

            Check on for coupons? I see one for Virginia's on King -- use code DINE to get a $25 one for $4. Admit I haven't been to Virginia's for a while, but I recall it as being reasonably inexpensive and pretty good.

            1. re: danna

              I know! There's two of 'em! I have to go (all the way over) to West Ashley tomorrow. I'll check it out. And birgator is right. Jestine's is a great choice but there's usually a line to get in. It's better if you go after 2.

        2. Charleston Grill is a little pricey. Charleston's Cafe is a gem that should not be missed. Pimento cheese and fried green tomato BLT=AMAZING. Great breakfast too. Jestine's is overrated. Sticky Fingers has great BBQ and would please the kidlet .Hominy Grill=looong line. There's also a terrific takeaway place (the name escapes me, sorry.. Frank's? Maybe?) that has fantastic fried seafood. It's a couple of blocks away from the Blind Tiger. Gullah Cuisine is family run and offers a buffet of lowcountry dishes plus a menu. It's on Johnnie Dodd along with Sticky Fingers. Have a great time! It's such a beautiful city

          Charleston Grill
          224 King Street, Charleston, SC 29401