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Lunch near UBC

We're going to be in Vancouver for a few days in early June. We plan to spend a bit of time going to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC, and also possibly visiting the botanical gardens near by.

Can anyone suggest a good place to go for lunch? Most any type of food would be fine. Just needs to be a nice place to sit and relax to take break from sightseeing.


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  1. Enigma or Burgoo on West 10th are nice options.
    On campus, the sandwiches/paninis and soup at The Old Barn Community Centre coffee shop (Bean Around the World?) are quite tasty and close to the Botanical Gardens.

    Around the World
    2102 W 38th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6M3W5, CA

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      I'll second Enigma, great unpretentious food (though I've only been for dinner) and friendly staff.

    2. You might like T Room on 10th Avenue. It's just outside the UBC gates but you will need to drive/bus there. Lighter fare (croissant sandwiches and the like) in a rather nice tea room. Strong on teas as you might expect and the pastries are quite lovely also. The other half of the store is full of kitchen stuff if that appeals.

      Right out at UBC is Sage Bistro http://www.sage.ubc.ca/ I haven't been there in yonks so I can't speak to the quality of the food but it might be worth a look as the menu sounds nice and it would be a great place to relax. It is only open M-F for breakfast and then lunch service.

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        I end up at Sage once or twice a year for work lunches. Sage is a lovely setting but the food can be a bit uneven.

        Burgoo or Provence on 10th would be my picks. The UBC Golf Club as noted below, is a relaxed spot for a bite.

        If you want to stay on campus (alas it's a bit of a food wasteland). In addition to the Bean Around the World at the South end of campus, the Pendulum in the AMS (Students Union) building has grilled items, sandwiches and salads. The grilled stuff is the best bet there. There is a bit of patio seating if it's a nice day.

      2. My in-laws enjoy the food at the UBC golf club as well. Here's a link to their lunch menu.


        1. I second Burgoo or Provence on W. 10th just outside of UBC (east of Blanca St)

          If you're ok to go a bit further (provided the weather is good), a very SCENIC spot is the Galley Patio & Grill:


          Casual fare ordered cafeteria style. Just in case, I would advise against the nachos platter as it's rather barren of good and plentiful ingredients. Other than that, all other offerings are decent for what they are and their prices. But the view ....... priceless.

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            I would definitely recommend La Ghianda at 4th and Alma. The food is delicious.

          2. Thanks for all the great suggestions, I will keep them all in mind. I have to say I find the menu at Burgoo particularly appealing, but Sage might win purely for convenience.

            1. No love for the underground UBC Village foodcourt?

              Had Curry Point not closed I would suggest that place over almost every restaurant in Vancouver -- the underground ambiance and the hoards of students really cultivate a relaxing atmosphere!

              Curry Point
              514W Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V5Z1E9, CA

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                Curry Point closed??? Wow!
                It was a lunch staple for me for years. Not sure that nor anywhere else in the underground food court in the UBC villiage is somewhere I'd recommend to visitors though :-/ I do quite like a couple of the Chinese places in there though - provided I get there early when the selection is fresh and the food court is less trashed by the hordes.

                For a snack or sandwich, there's the Niche Cafe in the Beatty museum - check out the giant blue whale exhibit on your way in!

                1. re: kinnickinnik

                  I know -- I used to eat there daily. I honestly believe that when their butter chicken was good, it was the best butter chicken anywhere, and their dahl was pretty fantastic as well.

                  I recently drove down to Lonsdale Quay which has a Curry Point, but unfortunately, it wasn't as good as it used to be -- the lentils were fine but it was definitely an off butter chicken day.

                  Curry Point
                  514W Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V5Z1E9, CA

              2. You should check out My Local Cafe at 10th and Alma. Fresh foods, really tasty, and extremely healthy. Its a hidden gem.