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May 16, 2011 01:26 PM

Cha Cha, authentic Japanese pub food in WPB

We finally got around to checking out Cha Cha in Royal Palm Beach last night.

Wow. I felt like we were back in Tokyo, eating at this small friendly joint. Family owned, the little spot with fewer than 10 tables, was really inviting. The owner's daughter handled the four seated tables singlehandedly with ease and an adorable attitude.

The menu is great. I highly recommend the yakitori/skewers. We sampled spicy chicken, chicken with scallion, mixed vegetables and scallops. All were absolutely delicious. We also ate the tofu shoga-yaki, tofu sautéed with a ginger sauce over bean sprouts. Yum.

The sushi and salad were good, as was the mixed tempura appetizer. The steaming ramen at the other table smelled great.

But what will bring us back is definitely the yakitori. It was fresh, grilled perfectly with a delicious salty sweet sauce. Best we've had in South Florida.

The location stinks because it's almost invisible from 441. It's in the same strip mall as a Jimmy Johns and other random stuff. It's on the west side of the road and in the back of the complex.

155 South State Road 7 (441) #108
Royal Palm Beach Phone is 561-333-4261

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  1. Agreed. I live pretty close to Cha Cha and we get food from there all the time. In addition to the yakatori, I recommend the Miso Soy Ramen soup. It's big enough for two and is superb. Their sushi is really good as well.

    Good call on the review, I had not even thought about putting it here.

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      Is there a website or menu online?

    2. Has anybody else been there yet? I am really curious about this place.I also cannot find a menu anywhere on line

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        I don't think they have a website. They have a FB page though:

        I'll try and see if I can scan the menu and post here.

        1. re: GatorFL

          I tried to scan but Chow doesn't recognize a .tif file. Email me at and I will forward it to you.