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May 16, 2011 01:10 PM

Throwing a manly-man Cloudburst (rather than a shower)

Son is getting married next month. Since all of the women have been running around throwing showers, I have decided to throw a Cloudburst. Pretty sure that we will do steaks & potatoes, but need ideas for appetizers and deserts that ooze of manliness.

We will have about 15-20 men of varying ages (14-84). It seems to me that food items requiring fire pits and blow torches will be appropriate. Clouds will be bursting this coming Saturday (5/21).

Input will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Spiced nuts
    Chips & some really good guac & salsa.
    Mini eggrolls (dads seemed to favor these at the last school social; gotta have something deep fried : -)
    Bread (garlic or flat bread brushed w/ olive oil) that can be thrown on the grill? Flat bread or even pita can be served with cheese spread/dip or hummus.
    Buffalo wings
    Grilled spicy, Southwestern style sausages

    Sorry, have no clue as to what to suggest for "ooze of manliness" dessert. What do you like?

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      re: spiced nuts, bacon might add an extra dash of manliness, as would a healthy pinch of cayenne.

    2. My husband and son both love the meatloaf cake and prefer it to a regular one.

      1. I like this dip when cheese lovers come over:

        What about making your own burgers and have all kinds of toppings with different cheeses, sauces and other fixings? When I think of "manly" I think of bacon...unless it's "manly vegetarian" then it's probably cheese with jalapenos for some reason.

        For dessert, apple pie...everyone loves homemade apple pie...but I notice it's a clear winner (ice cream optional but welcome if it's warm) especially if the meal is heavy. You feel like you've done your bit towards fruit even though it's all sugared up.

        1. You could do the chocolate stout cake from the Barrington Brewery - a lot of people really love it - and the beer might make it "manly." My first thought was cheesecake, however, for what that's worth. (This thread is hysterical.)

          1. Some more ideas:
            For appetizers: spare ribs, nachos, stuffed jalapenos, pigs in blankets (and wings, of course)
            For dessert: Love the idea of the stout cake. Diner pies also strike me as manly, particularly chocolate cream pie. Or maybe homemade ice cream sandwiches with lots of hot fudge sauce for dunking. You might also find some inspiration at "Epic Meal Time." (Don't forget the Jack Daniels.)