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May 16, 2011 01:01 PM

I have the munchies, but...

Here's the deal. I started going to a natural healer/acupuncturist for my insomnia. He's a big believer in eating wisely and thoughtfully. He says that many of our problems come from undiagnosed food sensitivities and has given me a new diet to follow. That means no soy (or anything made with soy except tempeh bc it's fermented) no refined sugar, white flour, raw veggies (hard to digest) and no artificial sweeteners (Stevia is OK). Nothing frozen or ice cold and, worst of all, NO DAIRY!

I'm on the plan for 2 weeks and I'm doing fine. But my problems start when I want something to nosh on. I've made a couple of batches of cookies using allowed ingredients (molasses, honey whole grain flours, stevia, eggs, etc) but I'm wondering if anyone has nay other ideas for healthy snacking that follow his guidelines? I'm willing to bake, so if you have a good, yummy recipe, please share!


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  1. popcorn? polenta in all its forms (there's a thread on it out there). there are some decent/interesting gluten free crackers out there. hummus, Baba ghanoush, baked falafel? roasted veggie antipasto, jerky, pumpkin seeds, freeze dried fruit. not sure if you are vegetarian. Walk around trader joe's if you have one near you and you might find a lot that fits the bill.

    1. Look on the Southbeach diet chat board. They have a ton of great recipes for things like Cinnamon rolls made with flax seed meal and eggs - tons of great ideas there.

      1. Handful of roasted almonds makes a nice snack...or any other roasted nuts? Kale chips are huge these days...plenty of veggie chip recipes right here on CHOW too!

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          I like to munch on toasted pecans and walnuts that I toss with dried cranberries and cherries.

        2. This might sound like a boring suggestion, but an avocado with a little salt on top makes a really satisfying cure for the munchies. The reason, I think, is that it's fatty. I don't know if you like them or not, but take a spoon to one and try it out.

          Also, when I worked on a farm for a month where the owners were vegans, and had a diet much like the one you described, I ate their homemade bread constantly. I was always craving it. Peter Reinhart has a book called Whole Grain Breads, which has the best recipes I've ever tried for bread made with 100% whole grains. Trust me, a big fat slice of bread with fruit or even nothing on it is really satisfying.

          Your lucky he doesn't have you off gluten too. And how about yogurt? It's dairy, but it's fermented.

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            Mir said no raw veggies in original post...?

            1. re: Val

              The avocado is a fruit, not a veggie. Plus it isn't hard on the digestion to eat it raw - it is typically eaten that way.

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                well...wait, what? My sources say it's a have a good point that it's easily's my source...what's yours??


                1. re: Val

                  Val, botanically speaking avocado is a fruit. so is tomato.

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                    GHG is right, that's why I refer it (and tomato, pepper, squash...) as a fruit. I didn't suppose that it was that strange. I am a botanist, though, so maybe I'm just trying to be cute and don't realize it. :) I did find a source - kind of a puff source (under "fun facts"), but still.


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                      alrighty then..! I knew tomatoes are fruit but not avocado...thanks!

                      1. re: Val

                        anytime, my friend. you know i try to do my part to keep us all accurately informed ;)

                        1. re: Val

                          now im confused. it grows on a tree, has a seed, grows from a polinated flower, how could it not be a fruit?

                2. re: rainbowbrown

                  I agree w/the avocado suggestion, but please make sure it is good coarse salt, and just a "tetch"

                3. If I could I'd nosh all the time on Food Should be Good chips. They are whole grain and very good. Or you could boil yourself an egg. I also second the handful of raw nuts.