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May 16, 2011 11:42 AM

House warming Invite

We just moved in nex doort to a charming older Italian couple. The first thing they did was to offer us rosemary and laurel from their garden. The wife is a sputendous cook, so it's out of the question to outdo her. We are thinkng of a house warming invite, just for the two, like a wine and cheese. They seem to be from Central Italy. Can anyone suggest what kind of cheese and wine we should offer? Thanks for any suggestion.

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  1. Any cheese that sputendous should do.

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    1. I offer this as a daughter of an immigrant - I would stay away from wine and cheese from Italy. My father would think it was odd that people wanted to serve him foods from his country of origin.

      If they are indeed charming and free with their garden offerings, I suspect they will enjoy the invite and visit more than the food presented. I would do three really different styles of cheeses, a red and a white and some nice breads.

      1. I can't tell from your profile where you are, but I would do something local - local cheesemongers, local wine, if they are decent in your area, to show your Italian neighbors the best of what's offered in their new neighborhood. And you don't have to outdo her cooking, but maybe make something to share that is, again, a local custom in food, or even something that is traditional in your family, from your own culture (whatever that may be.)

        1. Honestly, I would stay away from anythign you are not familary or not comfortable serving. Just from you being on this site, I am sure you are custom to eating well on a regular. The best meals or food I ever ate was from people that enjoyed what they were serving, some how it comes out in the food.

          Sounds like you have a great neighborhood !!! Congrats