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May 16, 2011 11:36 AM

Restaurant Recommendations - Monterey, CA


My cousins are coming into town from Hong Kong and will be staying in Monterey for a night. Any good restaurant suggestions? I would go with - not super touristy (unless there's a MUST GO), nice but not too expensive. For dinners, I would say places w/ entrees in the $high teens, $low 20s). Lunch in the $low to mid teens.

I also recommended they drive down to Carmel and have picnic at a beach somewhere along 17 mile drive. Any good places to pick up some delicious picnic food in Monterey?

I know I haven't provided much detail, but I don't know the area too well.


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  1. Probably best to post this on the California board, but my go-to restaurant in Monterey is Passion Fish. I rarely go anywhere else...

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        We were just in the Pacific Grove/Carmel area this past Sat. and had a lovely lunch at Fandango. It is a charming place with very good food and service. You can pick up picnic goodies at Bruno's Market in Carmel. Fishwife in Asilomar is also very good, in a fun and colorful ambiance. :)