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May 16, 2011 11:30 AM

Any Kennet Square or Elkton-area recs for a Monday night?

My boyfriend and I are staying at a B&B near Elkton next Sunday and Monday night. We have reservations for the Fair Hill Inn on Sunday, but we're looking for recommendations for dinner on Monday. We're going to be spending the day at the Brandywine River Museum and Longwood Gardens (with lunch at Talula's Table in between), so we're looking for places around that area or closer to Elkton. Some places I've seen mentioned here, including Sovana Bistro and Foxfire at the Stone Barn, aren't open on Mondays (and neither is Fair Hill Inn).

We're adventurous eaters, fine with either casual or something more upscale, and willing to drive out of way it the food is worth it.


Fair Hill Inn
3370 Singerly Rd, Elkton, MD 21921

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  1. If you do a search on the Philadelphia board for "Kennett" (make sure you spell it right--two N's, two T's), you'll find a number of threads with suggestions. I would put forth Half Moon Saloon, which is open on Monday. I'm not familiar with Elkton places, so will leave that for another poster.

    1. You could try one of the Mexican places.

      El Ranchero on W. State Street in Kennett Square or
      Taqueria Moroleon in Avondale:

      1. My suggestion would be Krazy Kats in Montchanin, DE. A short drive from Kennett, down Route 100, off Route 1; a beautiful drive. The restaurant has very innovative food, a unique atmosphere, and the service is usually good, in addition to aa nice wine list. Open Mondays as well, due to the Inn on the grounds, also a nice place to stay. Have fun!

        Krazy Kats Restaurant
        Kirk Rd, Montchanin, DE 19710

        1. The Whip Inn is a British Style pub (with much better food) out in horse country about 15 minutes from Kennett. It is very different and pretty wonderful.

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            Thanks for that, never heard of it! For ease of Googling, it is actually called the Whip Tavern and the location is Coatesville, PA. The menu looks nice, as long as the execution is better than average. I liked the sound of the "British Onion Soup"!

            If you feel like another suggestion in that vein, then I will chime in with Four Dogs Tavern and its sister (fine dining) restaurant Marshalton Inn, also about 15-20 minutes from Kennett in similarly horsy country. The tavern part is a huge local favorite and the food is surprisingly creative and well-prepared. The beer list is also interesting,

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              The post office may be Coatesville, but the location is more like Doe Run. That onion soup is really good!

          2. Since you're going to be at Longwood Gardens, you might want to consider their full-service, fine-dining restaurant called "1906." It's quite nice and the food is about as good as you're likely to find in the area. If it doesn't get mentioned here very often that's probably because admission to the gardens is necessary, and folks who are in the area but not necessarily planning on visiting Longwood wouldn't be going there. I know they're open for lunch every day; I think their dinner schedule might depend on special evening events occurring at Longwood.