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May 16, 2011 10:09 AM

reasonably priced good food near Orlando Ritz Carlton without car

Can anyone recommend a good spot for medium priced food near the Ritz Carlton in Orlando? I do not have a car. Saw that Primo has a bar menu. is that worth checking out?


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  1. There is a few options you can take a taxi or ride the lynx bus to the I-Drive area there are several indian restaurants around the area also Cafe Tu Tu Tango - Tapas - fun art themed.

    Dr. Phillips area - Press 101, Anatolia, Saffron, Cedars, Le Rouge,

    If you take Central Florida Parkway to John Young you can head down towards Hunters Creek

    There is a great little spanish bakery - Fortuna (menu all in Spanish but they are very helpful)
    Also there is Orlando Snack Cafe which is great for lunch It's Venezuelan food.

    There is group of restaurants at the Villiages of Hunters Creek. Most notable
    Mikado Sushi - My favorite sushi place in Orlando
    Padrino's - Cuban
    All Italian Market and Deli - wonderfully delicious and authentic

    Cafe Tu Tu Tango
    8625 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819

    Press 101
    7600 Dr Phillips Blvd Ste 22, Orlando, FL 32819

    Orlando Snack Cafe
    3708 Town Center Blvd, Orlando, FL 32837

    Mikado Sushi
    13586 Village Park Dr, Orlando, FL 32837

    1. Staying a week at the Ritz in Grande Lakes Orlando and wondering how the restaurants at the hotel and the neighboring JW Marriott are...the resort looks huge!
      We'll have car service to go to Disney World but seems like the resort is pretty well self contained.
      Did you find some local dives and gems off property close by?
      I'll be so over the fancy pants food..
      ; )


      1. Primo is excellent. I prefer it to Norman's. Not going to be inexpensive. Primo locally sources its food when possible. Produce season has arrived and so there will be some interesting things on the menu.

        I've stayed at the JW many times and can tell you there is nothing within walking distance (no sidewalks or bike paths) that is ethnic or old chowhoundy (from the days when people would tell you off if you discussed a hotel restaurant) Lots of interesting restaurants with a car. Probably more than any other city of its size in the country. This is also ground zero for chain restaurants. All crammed into the restaurant hell that is International Drive.

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        1. re: LilMsFoodie

          Primo is on the would bag Norman's over Primo..
          We do have a car and if you have a must lunch and dinner place, that would be awesome.
          Thanks so much LilMsFoodie!

          1. re: LilMsFoodie

            Cuban or Sushi would be great...really appreciate your rec's!

            1. re: Beach Chick

              There's a great Cuban right near your hotel called Padrino's. It's in Hunter's Creek in a strip center right off John Young Parkway. The sushi place Mikado is right nearby and gets good reviews on this board


              1. re: Rona Gindin


                Padrinos is great cuban and if you want to try Venezuelan which has some similar flavors do hit up the Orlando Snack Cafe. Shredded beef, black beans, plaintains etc.

                I can tell you that our favorite Sushi place in all of Orlando is Mikado Hunters Creek Location, I would suggest sitting at the bar, but if your with children sitting at a table makes more since. I would also suggest not doing a to go order on Friday or Saturday night, way too busy and you'll get the best food just going and dining in because their plating is beautiful.

                1. re: Rona Gindin

                  Thanks for the Padrino's rec Rona!
                  Mikado will be perfect too.

                2. re: Beach Chick

                  I'm going to suggest a newer restaurant on I-Drive for Cuban. Cuba Libre. We had excellent food there last week, both traditional and nuevo. The manager came and sat with us and explained that the concept is to contrast traditional Cuban dishes with how their chef (Cuban of course) thinks the cuisine would have morphed if Cuba was open and free. My husband had ceviche and ribs. He thought the ceviche was unique and one of the best he has tasted. Very hot and spicy and ice cold. I had empanadas and cuban spring rolls. Very nice Torrontes. They had excellent wine choices from South America. Chile and Argentina.

                  I had asked about the restaurant here on Chow hound as I had made reservations on Open Table but I received no feedback at all. We went anyway and loved it. I'll cut and paste my comments from Open Table:

                  "I was very impressed with the manager and staff. We enjoyed our appetizers. The ceviche was very unique and delicious. Not your usual ceviche. Apparently the chef isn't divulging his secrets, so you'll have to go there to see for yourself. Nice variety of South American wines. Lively ambiance in keeping with themepark Orlando. Half the menu is traditional and the rest has been reimagined as if Havana were actually in the 21st century instead of lost in time, as it is now."

                  1. re: LilMsFoodie

                    Thanks so much LilMs...
                    Love me some ceviche Cuban style..