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May 16, 2011 10:06 AM


Will be visiting over the Memorial Day Holiday. Staying in the River Walk Area. Have a car. Restaurants not to miss? Open to cuisine, price not an issue. Many thanks,

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  1. Hey, there... just wondering if you had a chance to see this on San Antonio:


    1. Wow. That was really vague. Is there a type of cuisine? Casual or formal. How far are you willing to drive? Kids? Maybe if you were more specific, we could help. Otherwise, I'd tell you that you totally should not miss the Starbucks in the lobby of the marriott riverwalk.

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        I agree with Radiowhore as questions about San Antonio seem to be all the same and very vague. They always include the words Riverwalk and maybe Tex Mex.
        That said I'll go through the same old list - Boudro's/Biga on Banks/Citrus/Acenar/La Gloria/Il Sogno. Newish places I think are good are Luke, Gwendolyn, The Monterey, Q in the Hyatt. There are tons of steakhouses, Morton's/The Palm/Fogo de Chao/Texas de Brazil/Ruth Chris. Touristy places Mi Tierra and Chart House.

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          Fair enough... No kids. Formal? What is formal in Texas??? If necessary I will bring my Tux. We are open to Formal or Casual. We will drive as necessary to experience the best San Antonio has to offer. Cuisine? We are open to just about anything. No sushi, my wife would prefer no Asian. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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            Bronwen's list is a good one. If you get tired of staying on the Riverwalk and want to take a short drive (less than 5 minutes) from downtown, the King William district has some interesting options as well in a nice artsy scene (art shops) with beautiful stone houses in the neighborhood. Nice walking area with a lot of good dining options. Try Rosario's for TexMex.

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              Also, Liberty Bar is a fun place to go and has good food in King William.

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                I live in the King William and would add El Mirador and maybe Blue Star Brewing to the list.

                El Mirador Restaurant
                722 S Saint Marys St, San Antonio, TX 78205

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                Definately agree with Bronwen's list- our personal favorites from it being Il sogno, Biga, and Luke. An initial visit to Gwendolyn (inspired by nostalgia for Le Reve) made a great first impression. Farm to table prix-fixe (3 or 5 courses), website says "jackets prefered" but it's SA in the summertime fer chrissakes!!! You'd need transportation for La Gloria/Sogno/Sandbar but everything else is definately walkable.

        2. Many thanks to all who shared their input. My wife and I dined last evening at BIGA ON THE BANKS. Excellent! From the Pot Stickers App, Hearts of Romain Ceaser, Halibut, and Red Deer and Grilled Quail, the food, and service were top notch. The complimentary bubbles were not bad either. Highly reccomend.