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May 16, 2011 09:09 AM

Ghent. (Gent.) Lunch. Monday. Where? (Eel?)

Heading to Ghent on a Monday and looking for someplace interesting for lunch. Non-touristy and non-fine dining preferred. (As it's a Monday, most fine dining seems closed, anyway.)

Intrigued by eel if that's an option. But, given limited openings, I'm open to any interesting suggestions.


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  1. For the best eel ('paling'), you'll have to go outside the town. Drive for 40 min. and go to Siphon (, a classic for eel. Sint-Jan-in-Eremo is another small village that specializes in Eel. Elmare or Roste Muis serve good eel. Don't expect anything fancy, but simple, great food. A list of all eel restaurants in that place:

    If you prefer to stay in Gent, surprise yourself and check !