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May 16, 2011 09:03 AM

Mail Order Chesapeake Crab (Cakes/Balls/Dips/Soups)

Can anyone recommend a good place to order crab items that can be shipped?

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  1. I have never had them ship anything for me, but have picked up there. They have everything you are looking for.
    Annapolis Seafood Markets

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      Thanks so much. Will check them out.

    2. Faidley's ships their crabcakes.

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          A recent houseguest gifted us with Faidley's crabcakes and I was VERY pleasantly surprised. I lived in Southern Maryland for about a dozen years and am extremely picky/fussy/crabby about crabcakes. They should be c-r-a-b with a minimum of fillers and no jarring, assertive "other" flavors. These were large, delicious and arrived across the country in perfect condition. There was nothing to do but pour a glass of wine and heat the saute pan to cook these over-sized beauties. I have no idea of their cost but they were a treat.

        2. What is a "crab ball"? I've lived in Maryland most of my life and haven't heard of that.

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            Hal - a crab ball is basically a crabcake rolled into the shape of a ball and served as an appetizer. Easier to give a large crowd a taste or two especially at cocktail or walk about type parties.

          2. This is controversial, but G&M is known for their crabcakes and they do ship. I am not a fan of their restaurant/crabcakes, but many people swear by them.

            Just stay away from Phillips. FoiGras

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              G&M is not really controversial. I, and everyone else whose opinion I respect thinks they're horrible.

              One wild card would be Angelina's. The restaurant did have a superior crab cake, but they closed a few years ago and became a mail order only company. I have no idea if their current offerings live up to the tradition of th restaurant, but if they do it would be a good option. O


              I have an affinity for Crab Place- my Mother is the Director of Microenterprise in MD and helped them get this site up and off the ground so they could evolve with the times. They are a group of crabbers from the Eastern Shore who started this business and are really a good group of people who are developing a successful small business. I have eaten a lot of their products and ship to my family for Christmas and they do a good job.