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Where to find pea shoots in Toronto?

Looking for pea shoots for a very specific recipe...anyone know where to find them in Toronto area?

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  1. Which part of town? I've seen them at either the former PAPE IGA or SUN VALLEY, maybe both have them.

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        Thats right..any asian grocery store will have them...

      2. If you're downtown SLM has them at many of the veggie stalls.

        1. Whole Foods in Yorkville has them and so does McEwan Foods. Good places to shop if you have lots of money to spend.

            1. Full tummy is bang on - T&T sells pea shoots in small packages, quite a bundle though, for around 2 bucks a pound, I think - had some this week, always available. If you go, they're actually not with all of the other chinese greens, rather, they're prepackaged along the mirrored vegetable fridges, usually next to the carrots and radishes.

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                I wondered if I'd be able to use them up before they went bad, but they were still green and crisp two weeks later--and finished shortly thereafter, as they're easy to use with so many dishes: in salads and sandwiches, with rice and stir fries, as a garnish... I'm going to be buying them regularly!

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                  Thanks everyone for the very specific replies...I thought I'd have the darndest time trying to find them. Off to T&T now, cheers!!

                2. I'll add the Big Carrot as well as many grocers in Kensington have them.

                  1. T&T or Chinatown definite has them cheaper than SLM and Whole Foods. They could also be labelled as dou miao.

                    I did the price comparison a few weeks ago:
                    Toronto Sprouts at SLM: over $4 for 125g)
                    T&T: $11/kg or $2 for a large container

                    Even cheaper: Growing your own! :)

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                      Dou miao is actually more expensive and are actually known as "pea greens" - the mature version of pea shoots :p