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report: 3 breakfasts in Sonoma County

  • prima May 16, 2011 08:49 AM
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Costeaux French Bakery in Healdsburg- ended up here after 4 seniors drinking coffee on a bench outside Downtown Bakery and Creamery recommended it, after overhearing our discussion re: where to eat breakfast. I wanted to order breakfast at Downtown, but my uncle seemed fixed on table service, and a restaurant with more standard breakfast offerings. Costeaux had great bread, and friendly service. I tried their breakfast sandwich with avocado, cheese, egg and applewood bacon, which was fine, and the other people at our table tried the omelette with spinach and avocado. Although I liked the breakfast I ordered, I prefer the types of offerings on the breakfast menu at Downtown Bakery.

Hank's Creekside Restaurant- The following day, my uncle wanted to take us to a breakfast place he had visited before, in Santa Rosa. The name was escaping him, so we drove around, but never found it. We stopped at a paint store to ask about the restaurant, and they ended up recommending Hank's Creekside Restaurant. I tried the huevos, which were fine, and the other 3 people at our table ordered omelettes. If we end up here in the future, what would you recommend the most?

Equus- The 3rd morning, we had breakfast at Equus. Limited selection of dishes to order, but reasonably priced. I tried a spinach, swiss and mushroom omelette. Generous amount of spinach, cheese and mushrooms, which was nice. Friendly service.

Downtown Bakery & Creamery
308 Center St, Healdsburg, CA 95448

Costeaux French Bakery Cafe
417 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, CA 95448

Equus Restaurant
101 Fountaingrove Pkwy, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Hank's Creekside Restaurant & Emile's French Bistro
2800 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

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  1. A couple of blocks from Hank' Creekside is Jeffrey's Hillside Cafe. Open for breakfast and lunch.

    Jeffrey's Hillside Cafe
    2901 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA

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    1. re: wally

      Good to know, thanks! Interesting breakfast menu: http://jeffreyshillsidecafe.com/pages...

    2. Dierk's Parkside Cafe, absolutely. None better. You can have duck for breakfast!
      Hey, is Emile's back with Hank's?

      Dierk's Parkside Cafe
      404 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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      1. re: wearybashful

        Looks like a great menu- thanks! http://www.dierksparkside.com/breakfa...

        Not sure whether Emile's is back with Hank's.

      2. Any info on the coffees served at any of these restaurants?

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        1. re: scarmoza

          I have had a latte at Jeffrey's Hillside. Not coffee exact;ly, but very good.

          Jeffrey's Hillside Cafe
          2901 4th St, Santa Rosa, CA