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May 16, 2011 08:27 AM

Stella suggestions?

Been hearing about how wonderful Stella is. Finally going back after years. Menu looks like it has a strong Asian-hybrid element. Any "don't miss" dishes? Thanks!

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  1. It has been a couple of years, but, on Chowhound recommendations, I had "Duck Five Ways" and was NOT disappointed.

    From my wife's perspective, the dessert "Grilled Cheese Sandwich" was the best dessert she's ever been served.


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      I agree about the "Duck Five Ways." It is so good. They used to have a foie gras blt on the menu- it was a great first course- but it appears to be gone. Too bad- it was delicious!

    2. Wife and I went last month - opted for the chef's tasting menu, which was/is without equal. The 7 scheduled courses turn into 10, what with amuse bouches and other lagniappes, and each is a eye and mouth treat of the 1st degree. This menu gives room for real appreciation of the chef's/kitchen's talents. As would, I supose, any single choices. Methinks one cannot go wrong @ Stella!

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        Thanks so much guys! Eating in a few hours, really looking forward to it, especially with your tips in hand!

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            First, mega mea-culpas on my end. I have been so remiss in eating here since Katrina. I had it in my mind that it was so heavily weighted to Asian-fusion, with a heavy dose of kimchee-based dishes, that it was way down on my rotation list. Gee, was I wrong, to my detriment! We had the Chef's Tasting Menu, and for whoever above steered me that way, thank you! Oh lord, what a kaleidescope of flavors: gorgeous tomato gazpacho with crabmeat; shiiatake mushroom risotto with English peas and white Italian summer truffles; the sea-flavored blast of scrambled egg, lobster and caviar within a cracked egg shell...the wine and sensory overload keeps me from being more descriptive at this point. But suffice it to say, there is no better restaurant in New Orleans than Stella, bar none. I'm not to proud to say when I was wrong. Glad I got my head on straight in time to enjoy so many more stellar meals! Major thumbs up!

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              thanks for the prompt we'll take it that you liked it ?

              1. re: brucec

                Oh yes, that we most surely did!

      2. In all of our visits, we have done the chef's tasting, so all were different. There were a very few uneven courses, but in general, we were always wow'ed.

        Good luck, and maybe others with more recent visits and a la carte, can be of more help.