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May 16, 2011 07:30 AM

How much milk do you buy/use? (and how do you use it all up?)

We used to use a full gallon every week because DH was a big cereal eater. He changed to grits (made with water and butter) and I have trouble using the smaller bottle before it goes sour. I even tried buying the baby-sized bottles but they only do three bowls of cereal and they're gone so I'd need two, and that costs almost as much as a full gallon! So I've gone back to the regular-sized one, which leaves a lot of sour or nearly sour milk at the end of the week... what else can I do with it aside from making pancakes or throwing it out? I could make enough to feed an army!

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  1. Milkman delivers three pints, three times a week. It really just gets used on cereal and in tea/coffee.

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      you still have home delivery? wow, im stunned.

      1. re: KaimukiMan

        Still very common here, although in decline. It's only a couple of years back they delivered six days a week. Now down to three.

        Even more unusual, is that it's still sold in pints.

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          When I lived in Salem, MA, there was a dairy that delivered. The last time I checked, they still do.

      2. I use/buy very little milk, but if I found myself with a lot extra, I might make ricotta.

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          I second the ricotta suggestion. I buy a half gallon of milk at a time and I usually use it up just before the expiration date. If I notice that it's coming soon, I drink a glass of Ovaltine (my favorite chocolate milk) and put the rest in a pan for ricotta. The ratio is 1 cup of buttermilk to 4 cups of milk, but that can be cut down. Keep portioned amounts of buttermilk in the freezer for this occasion and you'll never have milk go bad again. That is if your willing to put together a last minute lasagna or pizza or something to use that ricotta.

        2. I buy a litre and it lasts a week.

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            you can freeze milk easily. Try dividing it and freezing half. Just remember to take it out a day or two ahead of time to defrost.

          2. I live alone and I go through about 2 gallons a week.

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              Novelli, you sound like me... I've been known to personally drink three gallons a week!

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                I have my daugjter half the time but we go through 2 gallons of skim a week. Just the thing after a long day at work. I freeze milk for camPing and woild do the same in the unlikely event I had too much.

              2. In the US, we went through a little over 2 gallons a week (for only 3 of us!) -- cereal, coffee, and we were big milk drinkers.

                In Europe, it's still over 2 litres a week - cereal and coffee hasn't changed much, but we now eat more cheese and yogurt than milk.